What’s new on the show floor at the revived Intersolar North America


After a year without an Intersolar North America, the show is back under new ownership in San Diego. Although it felt smaller than the previous iterations in San Francisco, many attendees told me it surpassed their expectations after the gap year.

There were around 170 exhibitors at Intersolar this year. Here are some of the new products I saw on the show floor:

CPS America brought its rapid-shutdown-integrated commercial inverter options to Intersolar. Both its 125-kW and 25-kW C&I inverters are compatible with Tigo and APsystems rapid shutdown solutions. CPS is currently evaluating NEP’s rapid shutdown solution too.

RBI Solar brought its Sunflower Tracker to a show for the first time. This tracker is designed for undulating terrain and can handle up to 10% grade change from post to post.

AE Solar ran a demo of its “shading-resistant, hotspot-free module.” The “hotspot-free module” is on the right. The fountain it’s powering is not affected when individual squares are shaded.

OutBack Power’s SkyBox hybrid inverter allows installers to plug and play storage at any point with no retrofitting required.

EcoFasten’s ClickFit mounting system is super easy to install — just click the bracket the rail and then tighten it down. This mounting solution also comes with black end caps for a sleek design.

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