What People Desire In A Self-Driving Car

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What would you desire in a self-driving car? This question was a core theme of a survey posed to 2,000 people by Auto Insurance Center. They asked survey takers what they would do in a self-driving car, what would provide comfort for those riding in one, and more.

If your car was suddenly your driver, what would you do? You could catch up with friends, read a magazine, eat some food (true, people do that while driving anyways), or maybe even workout. One thing Auto Insurance Center learned is that people want to read more. Others want to talk on the phone, watch TV, catch up on work, or just sleep. A small percentage of those surveyed said they want to do drugs, date online, and drink alcohol. Some would pray while others would participate in adult activities that aren’t “safe for work,” if you catch my drift.

One question asked the survey takers what they would like to have inside a self-driving car. The majority of those who responded said they would like to have the same design as today’s cars. This would make it feel normal and help one to feel safe, I believe. Some said they want a refrigerator — after all, humans love to eat. Some would like a bed, table, chairs, a lounge. Honestly, tables and chairs inside a car sound a bit much, in my opinion. Maybe those would do for a self-driving bus for long trips, but a car? Some want massage tables — but where would the person giving you a massage be able to stand while the car is in motion? Some want a fully stocked bar. For a self-driving car to have all of these amenities, it would have to be pretty big.

I would opt for the fridge over a bed — especially here in the South where it gets really hot. Having an ice-cold bottle of water or something to drink would be refreshing after being out in the heat. Plus, having healthy food in the fridge in your car would prevent the urge to hit up the drive-thru for some greasy fries.

Another question was related to auto safety, and the survey showed that most people think they are safe drivers and believe self-driving cars are not safer than regular cars. Despite all of this, 78.9% of those surveyed admitted that they often find themselves distracted while driving. Perhaps the reason why they feel the idea of having a car drive them isn’t safe is just because they are worried about giving up control. 42.4% of those surveyed said that not having control of the car was what they were most afraid of while riding in a car that drives itself.

In the US, people in Louisiana, Montana, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, and a few other states are most likely to catch up with friends and family on the phone while passing time on Autopilot. People in Texas, California, and Idaho would catch up on work, while people in Alaska would be very promiscuous. Most in the US would read a book, and folks in Hawaii, Arizona, and Iowa would watch some TV.

The survey is interesting for sure, and it shows just how people would utilize the time they spent in their vehicles if they didn’t have to worry about doing the actual driving. It also shows different thoughts on the idea of cars that are in charge of driving. 

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