Utilities That Have & Have Not Suspended Disconnects Amid COVID-19


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The article is Live and being updated on the The Energy and Policy Institute (EPI) website and on the SACE | Southern Alliance for Clean Energy website.

The Energy and Policy Institute (EPI) is tracking which utilities are suspending disconnections during the coronavirus outbreak, as well as regulators that are mandating suspensions. The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy is re-posting on our site to spread information about utility shutoffs further.

This post is regularly updated by the Energy and Policy Institute (EPI) here. As they update their post, SACE will do the same. We are sharing their post on our platform to get out the message of shutoffs to a wider audience. While SACE’s work is generally limited to the Southeast, this list covers service territories across the US.

Updated: March 16, 18:30 PT
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Many utilities that sell electricity and gas around the United States are suspending disconnections of customers who do not pay their bills during the coronavirus crisis, or are being ordered to suspend disconnections by regulators or other government officials.

Other utilities are saying that they will not suspend disconnections, or are making commitments that appear to be more limited in scope.

The Energy and Policy Institute (EPI) is collecting data based on published reports about which utilities are suspending disconnections, and which public utility commissions or other governmental bodies are ordering suspensions. EPI reached out on Friday, March 13, to about two dozen large utility companies directly to ask whether they would be suspending disconnections.

We will be updating the tables below this text with more results on a rolling basis.

Regulatory and Government Action

Government bodies have ordered disconnection suspensions statewide in Connecticut, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio and Wisconsin. Illinois and West Virginia regulators are “urging” utilities to suspend disconnections, and the Governor of South Carolina is “request[ing] that all regulated utilities and cooperatives … do not suspend or disconnect essential services.”

Cities that are taking action to suspend disconnections include Austin, Minneapolis (for its water utility), Seattle, and Tallahassee, plus many others.

Utility Action

Many investor-owned utility companies have suspended disconnections, including Ameren, American Electric Power, Dominion Energy, Duke Energy, Evergy, FirstEnergy, Georgia Power, NV Energy, PECO, PG&E, Southern California Edison, Xcel Energy and others.

Other utilities have not suspended disconnections, or are not stating clearly how broadly they are applying customer relief policies:

– [UPDATE, 3/16: Salt River Project and Southwest Gas have since announced that they are suspending disconnections.] In Arizona, while electric utilities Arizona Public Service and Tucson Electric Power have said that they would suspend disconnections, the Salt River Project, a government agency which sells electricity, has said that it is not suspending disconnections. Instead, Salt River Project will “make every effort to work with our customers to avoid disconnections,” the Phoenix New Times reported. Southwest Gas, an investor-owned gas utility in the state, also offered only to “work with” customers facing financial hardship, “whatever the reason,” according to a spokesperson.

– [UPDATE, 3/15: Entergy published a statement on Saturday, March 14 updating its policy and saying that it was “temporarily suspending customer disconnects for the next 30 days as we continue to monitor the situation and may extend the period if necessary.”] In Louisiana, Entergy New Orleans is regulated by the City of New Orleans, not the state. Entergy New Orleans officials would not immediately commit to suspending disconnections when asked by members of the New Orleans City Council on Thursday, according to The Lens. Later that day, Entergy New Orleans sent a letter to council members saying that the company would  “temporarily halt customer disconnects for the next 30 days if nonpayment is the result of the COVID-19 virus.” The company did not offer any detail about what a customer would have to do to prove that “nonpayment is the result of the COVID-19 virus.” 

– [UPDATE, 3/16, 3:30 PT: Late on the afternoon of 3/16, FPL stated that “For now, we also are suspending disconnections at least through the end of March.” ]

– In Florida, Florida Power & Light sent customers an email on Friday advising customers having trouble paying their bills to look to federal, state, and local resources, with no comments on disconnection policies. FPL directed customers to FPL.com/help.

One anonymous respondent to EPI’s survey wrote on March 15 that their power is scheduled to be shut off today, on March 16, and wrote that FPL declined to extend the deadline further when the customer asked. EPI has not verified that account, but sent the comment to FPL for comment earlier this morning. EPI has asked FPL for a comment about service disconnections since last Friday; FPL has not responded.

– In Michigan, Consumers Energy told EPI that it is suspending shutoffs only for certain customer classes:

“We are suspending shutoffs for non-pay for low-income and senior customers beginning March 16, 2020 through April 5, 2020,” said Director of Media Relations Katie Carey. “Senior citizens and qualified low-income customers already enrolled in our Winter Protection Program have already had their end dates extended through April 30, 2020, without any additional actions required on their part.”

Deadline Detroit is reporting a similar policy from DTE Energy.

NRG Energy, with service territory across multiple states, issued a statement saying that it extended its “ongoing support to those who may need us,” but offered no comments on updates to its disconnection policies. NRG directed customers to visit the U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s website.

Alabama Power has not responded to queries from EPI, and has issued a statement about its response to the crisis without mentioning anything about disconnection suspensions, despite its sister company Georgia Power announcing a suspension. The advocacy organization GASP (Greater Birmingham Alliance to Stop Pollution) is calling upon Alabama Power to suspend disconnections until at least May 1 and to waive late payment charges.

Further results are below. If you know information contained here is inaccurate or dated, or if you work for a utility with information not included here, please email us at press@energyandpolicy.org

This list is generally focused on electric and gas utilities. Food & Water Watch is keeping track of water disconnection suspensions here.

Regulators or government bodies that have ordered disconnections suspended:

LIVE: Suspended disconnects amid COVID-19 : Regulators or government bodies that ordered disconnections suspended

Jurisdiction Suspending disconnections? Source Notes
City of Austin, TX Yes https://www.kvue.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/coronavirus-austin-utilities-not-disconnecting-for-non-payment/269-96947fa7-1916-4884-a933-904715d90bd4
City of Denton, TX Yes https://www.cityofdentonnews.com/post/mayor-issues-declaration-of-local-disaster-for-covid-19
City of Minneapolis, MN Yes https://twitter.com/MayorFrey/status/1238497348931727366
City of Piedmont, AL Yes https://twitter.com/BurkhalterEddie/status/1238102719895867393
City of Seattle, WA Yes https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/health/seattle-will-keep-customers-lights-water-on-during-coronavirus-emergency-defer-taxes-for-small-businesses/ The utilities policy will apply to residential and commercial Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) water and Seattle City Light electricity customers.
City of Statesboro, GA Yes https://www.wjcl.com/article/mayor-statesboro-to-suspend-utility-disconnections-due-to-coronavirus/31474137
Connecticut Yes https://portal.ct.gov/PURA/Press-Releases/2020/Cease-Residential-Shut-offs-During-COVID-19-Outbreak
Illinois Commerce Commission Unclear https://icc.illinois.gov/downloads/public/May%2013%202020%20ICC%20PR%20-%20COVID-19%20-%20Halt%20Utility%20Disconnects.pdf The ICC is “urging” investor-owned utilities “to take immediate steps to cease disconnections for non-payment, and to suspend the imposition of late payment fees or penalties, until May 1.”
Iowa Yes https://www.exploreokoboji.com/news/news-stories/iub-issues-emergency-order-extending-utility-winter-moratorium-period-due-to-coronavirus-concerns/ The extended moratorium period will continue until May 1st, 2020. All IOUs, coops, and munis
Kansas State Corporation Commission Yes https://estar.kcc.ks.gov/estar/ViewFile.aspx/20200316105259.pdf?Id=88d5541d-695f-4b27-ae43-2ce44d20a94f All public utilities subject to its jurisdiction to suspend disconnect service for non-payment until April 15, 2020.
Louisiana Public Service Commission Yes http://www.lpsc.louisiana.gov/_docs/_General/Covid-19%20executive%20order.pdf
Maine Public Service Commission Yes https://www.maine.gov/tools/whatsnew/index.php?topic=puc-pressreleases&id=2225265&v=article08 “directed that all electric transmission and distribution utilities, natural gas utilities, water utilities, and telephone Providers of Last Resort (POLR) service not engage in any disconnection activity until further notice.”
Maryland Yes https://governor.maryland.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Executive-Order-Prohibit-Termination-of-Residential.pdf Via executive order by Governor. Covers all utilities (electric, gas, water, telecoms); prohibits billing or collection of late fees; until termination of State of Emergency or revised date, but not earlier than May 1.
Massachusetts Yes https://www.mass.gov/doc/covid-19-shutoff-moratorium-eversource-and-national-grid/download
Mississippi Public Service Commission Yes https://twitter.com/BrandonPresley/status/1239256471403147264 All water, electric, sewer and natural gas shutoffs for sixty days. Urges municipal utilities (out of jurisdiction) to follow suit.
New Jersey Yes https://twitter.com/GovMurphy/status/1238535584907497472
New York Yes https://www.politico.com/states/new-york/albany/story/2020/03/13/new-jersey-new-york-suspending-utility-shut-offs-amid-coronavirus-pandemic-1266923 Utilities in New York have voluntarily agreed to this measure, according to the governor’s office. No order from the Public Service Commission is expected.
Ohio (Public Utilities Commission of Ohio) Yes https://dis.puc.state.oh.us/DocumentRecord.aspx?DocID=f3a5d5ff-6a2a-4556-8e00-c0b9d648e5c9 Commission directs all public utilities under its jurisdiction to review their service disconnection policies, practices, and tariff provisions and to promptly seek any necessary approval to suspend otherwise applicable requirements
Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission Yes http://www.puc.pa.gov/about_puc/press_releases.aspx?ShowPR=4326 Emergency order prohibiting electric, natural gas, water, wastewater, telecommunication and steam utility terminations
South Carolina Unclear https://governor.sc.gov/sites/default/files/Documents/newsroom/2020-03-14%20Gov.%20McMaster%20to%20ORS%20Dir.%20Edwards%20re%20Utility%20Suspension.pdf Request that all regulated utilities and cooperatives serving the State of South Carolina—including those not currently under the jurisdiction of ORS— do not suspend or disconnect essential services
Virginia State Corporation Commission Yes http://www.scc.virginia.gov/newsrel/r_noshutoff_20.pdf “The Commission orders each jurisdictional electric, gas, water or sewer utility identified in the attachment to this Order to suspend disconnection of service to any customer, pending further orders of the Commission. The Commission further SUSPENDS, pending further orders, any and all provisions of tariffs on file that prevent or condition the disconnection of service by such utility. This suspension is effective for sixty (60) days from [March 16.]“
West Virginia Unclear https://twitter.com/caitycoyne/status/1238561384012660737?s=20 PSC is urging all utilities to suspend disconnections
Wisconsin Public Service Commission Yes http://apps.psc.wi.gov/vs2017/NewsReleases/default.aspx

Latest Update: March 16, 10:39 PT

Utilities that have suspended disconnections:

LIVE: Suspended disconnects amid COVID-19 : Utilities that have suspended disconnections

Jurisdiction Suspending disconnections? Source Notes State
AES Corporation (Indianapolis Power & Light; Dayton Power & Light) Yes https://www.iplpower.com/About_IPL/Newsroom/2020/Indianapolis_Power___Light_Company_defers_disconnection_for_non-payment/ AES Corp.’s two electric utilities, Dayton Power & Light and Indianapolis Power & Light, suspended disconnections for 30 days. Both recommend “all customers do their best to maintain utility bill payments, as you will be responsible to pay all charges associated with your usage during this period.” IN, OH
Ameren Yes https://www.ameren.com/account/customer-service/covid-19 IL, MO
American Electric Power Yes https://wcyb.com/news/local/american-electric-power-temporarily-suspends-non-payment-disconnections AR, IN, KY, LA, MI, OH, OK, TN, TX, VA, WV
Arizona Public Service Yes https://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/news/aps-phoenix-water-suspend-customer-shutoffs-over-coronavirus-11456701 “for immediate future” AZ
Atlantic City Electric (Exelon company) Yes https://www.atlanticcityelectric.com/News/Pages/AtlanticCityElectricTakingStepstoSupportCustomersDuringCoronavirusPandemic.aspx?sf231480027=1 NJ
Austin Energy Yes https://twitter.com/AustinEnergyGM/status/1238507097001799681 TX
Avista Yes No public statement yet, but confirmed by EPI for Washington customers. WA
BGE Yes https://www.bge.com/SafetyCommunity/Safety/Pages/coronavirus.aspx BGE is suspending service disconnections and waiving new late payment charges at least until May 1 MD
Black Hills Energy Yes https://www.blackhillsenergy.com/safety/response-covid-19-your-safety-our-top-priority AR, CO, IA, KS, MT, NE, SD, WY
Blue Ridge Electric Membership Corporation Yes NC
Cascade Natural Gas Yes https://www.cngc.com/in-the-community/covid-19-response/ OR, WA
CenterPoint Energy Yes https://www.centerpointenergy.com/en-us/corporate/about-us/news/1320 The company has temporarily suspended natural gas service disconnections for nonpayment. For customers in southwest Indiana, this includes the temporary suspension of electric service disconnections. AR, IN, LA, MN, MI, OH, OK, TX
Central Electric Membership Corporation Yes https://cemcpower.com/ “For the next two weeks, we will not be conducting any disconnects. We will also be waiving all late payment fees” NC
Central Maine Power Yes, for residential customers. https://www.cmpco.com/wps/portal/cmp/networksfooter/ourcompany/!ut/p/z1/xVJrT8IwFP01-9i0o5PHR1xgSBjIY7L1yzJqBzWsHV0B9dd7MfGFIsaY2CbNbXpv77nnHMxwjJnKdnKZWalVtoZ7wuopdcNOz_PJsBl6LTL26CAKghvSvXDx_GPCaNqnkOB1Zj03oG6_gdlP6smJ1Sbn6m8ww4wrW9oVTnhRZkuT6q3hGkL14JD3seKpEvsKAjiN1oVDarAdwoWyJlujIpNKoFLvhUFWIyM2W1FZJO6tUBUQgnSO9lJZeL6VFddKCW6R2a5FdYBRcnmLk0aL8NYiq6G8xTnyPEHQQtQ9xHOau3VapxfNxSF77odpMBhdtgepPxrOOvEMJw7xw-t2MEmHryI4pKs1dHTIaGv8l1GGz3Mcs_-ZHvY9uf1v6b2mB_1rJvTDJUyX2RWSKtc4fiM1f8YGONi5n44SvjDKObAJDNs40SJwuxTPd1LscaS0KcC6099JMo46E-j0F-r0zhEMAgHB8m6zYW1wsQZn3Vsc_6eNyyKKiiYtUPw4yKdXKOnvwny1Xj4BhY2gPw!!/dz/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/?current=true&urile=wcm%3Apath%3A%2FCMPAGR_OurCompany%2FOurCompany%2FNC_News%2FNewsRoom%2F2020%2FCentral-Maine-Power-to-Request-Extension-of-Winter-Disconnect-Rules CMP will submit a request to the Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) to extend the protections afforded residential customers during the winter disconnection period from April 15 to May 15. ME
Chattanooga Gas Yes, though currently only for seven days. https://www.timesfreepress.com/news/local/story/2020/mar/14/chattanooga-gas-suspends-service-disconnections/518210/ Chattanooga Gas Company has temporarily suspended service disconnections for seven days TN
Citizens Energy Yes https://www.theindychannel.com/coronavirus/2-central-indiana-utilities-suspending-disconnections-due-to-coronavirus IN
City Light, Electric and Water (Springfield, IL) Yes Emailed press release. For electric and water. This will stay in effect until May 1, 2020, where at such time it will be re-evaluated. IL
City of Cleveland, OH Yes https://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2020/03/13/city-of-cleveland-to-halt-water-and-power-shutoffs-restore-connections OH
City of Columbus Yes https://www.nbc4i.com/news/local-news/columbus-officials-to-provide-update-on-citys-preparedness-for-covid-19/ City of Columbus water and electric OH
City of Detroit Water Yes https://detroitmi.gov/departments/customer-care/water-and-sewerage-department/coronavirus-covid-19-water-restart-plan Also turning water back on to disconnected households. MI
City of Tallahassee Yes https://www.talgov.com/publicsafety/covid-19.aspx Suspension of service shutoffs for 60 days. FL
Cleco Power Yes https://www.cleco.com/home Temporarily suspending service disconnects and late fees on
customer accounts effective today until further notice.
Colorado Springs Utilities Yes CO
ComEd Yes https://www.comed.com/News/Pages/NewsReleases/2020-03-13.aspx We’re suspending disconnects for customers unable to pay their bills and waiving new late payments charges through at least May 1st. IL
ConEd Yes Screenshot of email to customers shared with EPI. NY
Consumers Energy Yes, for some customer classes only. https://www.consumersenergy.com/news-releases/news-release-details/2020/03/16/12/36/consumers-energy-to-suspend-shutoffs-for-seniors-low-income-customers-in-wake-of-covid-19 MI
CPS Energy Yes https://www.expressnews.com/news/local/article/San-Antonio-councilman-mayor-ask-city-utilities-15123576.php TX
Delmarva Power Yes https://www.delmarva.com/News/Pages/DelmarvaPowerTakingStepstoSupportCustomersDuringCoronavirusPandemic.aspx DE
Dominion Energy (all subsidiaries) Yes https://www.dominionenergy.com/company/coronavirus ID, NC, OH, SC, UT, VA, WV, WY
DTE Energy Yes, for some customer classes only. https://skrift.meltwater.io/site/5e12ac481b7bea03e16a9079/article/5e6d6e44fc89fc0014b8b4b1 Suspending shutoffs for non-payment for those customers who are low income eligible, effective immediately through April 5, 2020. Customers who are impacted by COVID-19 — those with a sudden loss of
income or medical condition — as well as our vulnerable senior citizens, are encouraged to contact us at 1.800.477.4747 to determine eligibility for our payment assistance program.
Duke Energy (all subsidiaries) Yes https://twitter.com/DukeEnergy/status/1238529972043743233 NC, FL, IN, KY, OH, SC, TN
Emera Maine Yes https://www.emeramaine.com/about-us/news-and-press-releases/news-detail/?id=7393 “Halting disconnection of service to residential and business customers for nonpayment…[c]easing the application of late fees to overdue accounts.” ME
Entergy Yes https://www.entergynewsroom.com/article/responding-coronavirus/ AR, LA, MS, TX
Evansville Water and Sewer Utility Yes https://www.courierpress.com/story/news/2020/03/13/evansville-water-sewer-utility-temporarily-halts-utility-shut-offs-coronavirus-threat/5043763002/ Estimates about 350 customers will need their services restored and hopes to have it finished by next week IN
Evergy Yes https://twitter.com/evergypower/status/1238586099615895553 KS, MO
Eversource (MA) Yes Email to EPI MA
FirstEnergy Corp. (Ohio Edison, The Illuminating Company, Toledo Edison, Met-Ed, Penelec, Penn Power, West Penn Power, Jersey Central Power & Light, Mon Power, Potomac Edison) Yes https://twitter.com/firstenergycorp/status/1238509251485732866?s=20 OH, PA, NJ, WV, MD, NY
Florida Power & Light Yes https://www.fpl.com/coronavirus.html For now, we also are suspending disconnections at least through the end of March. FL
Georgia Power Yes https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/georgia-power-assures-customers-safe-and-reliable-service-will-continue-during-covid-19-pandemic-301023227.html Next 30 days, beginning 3/14. GA
GRU (city of Gainesville, FL) Yes https://www.facebook.com/gru4u/posts/2706874276028865?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARASyfyMc_qURKpftpdbhuH2SLYn1E9XYPHh9mvPcjZTZsroHnEejamYWBcSlXSUqmlQpqa7LaRXztHra-Q05LTaxaI04ZDBlAQyT0kJ_WxWtrdTCZCP0dANNfqDJI0xCkFejkXpBuqxc9VAgPrAmEc2E-FdFLFdxk921qrBO7wGKfSHWRaGT8zM1NPKhaD_-9ENGulfs03a9AnY33NQX4PPwrzN3oIP6ClLxCLrkesjBi_MuFBjou8wOd0r_SH4aIGgStzePm2c7XuqHat6BHUv7zR1ZYcNlcHFE1Sccuk-csrOlPzercRIzULfIOcKq1eJ3D4OvCad4VBAcaw0ug&__tn__=-R FL
Huntsville Utilities Yes Direct email with EPI AL
Illinois American Water Yes https://www.newstrib.com/2020/03/14/ameren-illinois-american-water-put-hold-on-shutoffs-during-coronavirus-outbreak/ad2byf3/ Also restoring existing disconnections IL
JEA Yes https://twitter.com/newsfromjea/status/1238608482749894659?s=21 Updated policy after initially saying they would not suspend. FL
Jones-Onslow Electric Membership Corporation Yes “suspending the disconnection of electric service for non-payment until April 15, 2020. Additionally, in an effort to lessen the economic impact to our members, we will also waive late payment fees during this same time.” NC
Kissimmee Utility Authority Yes https://kua.com/news/kua-halts-disconnections-during-coronavirus/ Therefore, we have temporarily suspended service disconnections until March 31, and will reevaluate the policy and timeframe as the situation develops. FL
Knoxville Utilities Board Yes https://twitter.com/knoxkub/status/1238947562230550529?s=21 TN
Lakeland Electric Yes FL
Liberties Utilities Yes https://california.libertyutilities.com/compton/commercial/safety/covid-19-statement.html This temporary suspension, through at least May 1, 2020, includes residential and business customers. AR, CA, KS, MO, NH, OK
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Yes https://www.ladwpnews.com/a-message-from-ladwp-regarding-power-water-service-during-coronavirus-covid-19-pandemic/ “We have also deferred disconnections for non-payment through the remainder of March at this time.” CA
Memphis Light Gas and Water Yes http://www.mlgw.com/images/content/files/pdf/COVID-19_01.pdf TN
Meridian Township (water) Yes https://www.meridian.mi.us/Home/Components/News/News/4478/16 MI
Minnesota Power (ALLETE) Yes https://www.mnpower.com/CustomerService/Covid19 Customers who are currently disconnected can call to request their power turned back on. MN
Montana-Dakota Utilities Yes, though scope is unclear. https://www.montana-dakota.com/in-the-community/covid-19-response/ Montana-Dakota Utilities is implementing a moratorium on service disconnections for non-payments related to hardships incurred from COVID-19. MT, ND, SD, WY
National Grid Yes https://www.uticaod.com/news/20200313/natgrid-temporarily-suspends-collections-related-activities NY, MA, RI
Nicor Gas Company (Northern Illinois) Yes https://www.nicorgas.com/company/press-room/nicor-gas-provides-energy-assistance-resources.html Nicor Gas voluntarily has suspended service disconnections for non-payment, effective immediately for both residential and commercial customers through May 1. IL
NIPSCO Yes https://www.nipsco.com/our-
Northwestern Energy Yes https://www.krtv.com/news/state/montana-and-regional-news/northwestern-energy-announces-they-will-suspend-service-disconnections In effect until further notice. MT, NE, SD
NV Energy Yes https://www.8newsnow.com/news/local-news/nv-energy-offers-payment-support-suspends-disconnections-for-non-payment/ NV
NW Natural Yes https://www.nwnatural.com WA
OG&E (Oklahoma Gas & Electric) Yes https://twitter.com/OGandE/status/1238937451328163847?s=20 30 day suspension. AR, OK
Omaha Public Power District Yes https://www.wowt.com/content/news/MUD-wont-shutoff-water-for-non-payment-over-coronavirus-568750651.html NE
Orange & Rockland and Rockland Electric Company Yes https://www.oru.com/en/about-orange-rockland/media/news/2020/2020031301/orange-and-rockland-and-rockland-electric-co-suspend-service-shutoffs NY, NJ
OUC (Orlando) Yes https://www.ouc.com/coronavirus-monitoring “Until further notice.” FL
OWASA (water, Orange County NC) Yes https://www.owasa.org/owasa-temporarily-suspends-disconnects-in-response-to-covid-19/ NC
Pacific Power Yes https://www.pacificpower.net/about/newsroom/news-releases/pacific-power-to-suspend-disconnections-in-response-to-covid-19.html OR, WA, CA
Pacific Power Yes https://www.union-bulletin.com/news/health_fitness/coronavirus/pacific-power-will-keep-customers-connected-through-coronavirus-pandemic/article_3abcf1cd-6206-5f16-ad8c-9cfbe77726a6.html#utm_campaign=blox&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social OR, WA, CA
PECO Yes https://www.peco.com/News/Pages/Press%20Releases/PECOExpandsAssistanceProgramstoSupportAllCustomersDuringCoronavirusPandemic031320.aspx Suspending service disconnections and waiving new late payment charges through at least May 1, 2020 PA
People’s Gas (Chicago) Yes https://twitter.com/peoplesgaschi/status/1239295280412950528?s=21 IL
PEPCO Yes https://www.pepco.com/SafetyCommunity/Safety/Pages/coronavirus.aspx We are suspending service disconnections and waiving new late payment fees through at least May 1. DC
PG&E Yes https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/pge-suspends-power-shutoffs-for-nonpayment-during-pandemic/2253667/ CA
Philadelphia Gas Works Yes https://whyy.org/articles/coronavirus-prompts-peco-and-other-utility-providers-to-suspend-shut-offs/ PA
Philadelphia Water Dept. Yes https://whyy.org/articles/coronavirus-prompts-peco-and-other-utility-providers-to-suspend-shut-offs/ The Philadelphia Water Department has suspended shut-offs for the next 60 days. PA
Planters Electric Membership Corporation Yes GA
Portland General Electric Yes https://www.portlandgeneral.com/our-company/news-room/covid-19 OR
PPL Companies (LG&E, KU and ODP) Yes https://pplweb.mediaroom.com/news-releases?item=137608 “The utilities, until May 1, will suspend disconnects for residential customers who may have difficulty paying their bill and waive new late fees incurred during this time.” KY
PSE&G (NJ) Yes https://nj.pseg.com/newsroom/newsrelease138 NJ
Puget Sound Energy Yes https://www.utc.wa.gov/aboutUs/Pages/Covid19.aspx Also suspended accrual of late fees. WA
Rocky Mountain Power Yes https://www.rockymountainpower.net/about/newsroom/news-releases/rocky-mountain-power-will-not-disconnect-customers-in-response-to-covid-19.html UT, WY, ID
Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) Yes https://www.kcra.com/article/smud-no-power-shutoffs-for-nonpayment-covid-19-outbreak/31475340 CA
Salt River Project Yes https://blog.srpnet.com/safety-message-to-our-customers/ AZ
San Diego Gas and Electric Company Yes http://www.sdgenews.com/article/sdge-suspends-service-disconnections-nonpayment-part-its-coronavirus-response “The disconnection moratorium will remain in place until further notice … SDG&E will also waive late payment fees for business customers whose finances have been hit hard by the coronavirus.” CA
Santee Cooper Yes https://twitter.com/santeecooper/status/1238556485531156484?s=20 No shutoffs through at least 4/2/20 SC
Snohomish PUD Yes https://www.heraldnet.com/news/pud-wont-shut-off-power-for-late-bills-due-to-virus-impact/ WA
Southern California Edison Yes https://twitter.com/SCE/status/1238323569031024646 CA
Southern California Gas Yes, (appears to be for residential customers only.) https://www.socalgas.com/coronavirus “Waiving late payment fee” for small business customers. CA
Southwest Gas Yes https://twitter.com/SWGas/status/1238603372116226053 AZ
Superior Water Light & Power (ALLETE) Yes https://twitter.com/CUB_MN/status/1239564694039465986 Customers who are currently disconnected can call to request their power turned back on WI
Surry-Yadkin Electric Membership Corporation Yes https://www.syemc.com/ NC
TECO (Tampa Electric Co.) Yes https://www.wtsp.com/article/news/local/teco-suspends-disconnection-for-nonpayments/67-5750b97f-822d-4d37-b5c5-19bbc5971161 FL
Tennessee American Water Yes https://www.timesfreepress.com/news/local/story/2020/mar/14/chattanooga-gas-suspends-service-disconnections/518210/ Tennessee American Water will begin the restoration of service to previously shut-off customers. TN

Tri-County Electric Membership Corporation


“Disconnects have been temporarily suspended through at least March 31…[h]owever, a 5% late fee will apply.”

Tucson Electric Power Yes https://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/news/aps-phoenix-water-suspend-customer-shutoffs-over-coronavirus-11456701 AZ
Unitil Yes https://unitil.com/our-community/covid-19-response-plan “All residential and commercial service disconnections have been suspended indefinitely.” MA, ME, NH

Victory Electric Cooperative


Victory Electric is suspending electric disconnect procedures for non-payment until further notice.

Virginia Association of Electric Cooperatives Yes Direct communication to EPI from the Association of Electric Cooperatives in Richmond. Virginia’s Electric Cooperatives recognize the hardships that the public health crisis imposes on our member-owners. Out of concern for our member-owners and their communities, the thirteen Electric Cooperatives in the Commonwealth are waiving service disconnects and penalty fees for our residential member-owners at this time and continuing to work with our business, commercial, and industrial member-owners to mitigate the impact of the state of emergency until further notice. VA
Xcel Energy Yes https://twitter.com/xcelenergy/status/1239353186017849346 CO, MN, MI, ND, NM, SD, TX, WI

Utilities that have not clearly suspended disconnections, or have not responded to requests for comment:

LIVE: Suspended disconnects amid COVID-19 : Utilities that have not clearly suspended, or have not responded

Jurisdiction Suspending disconnections? Source Notes State
Alabama Power No https://twitter.com/alabamapower/status/1238995838120144896 No reply to query from EPI AL
Gulf Power Unclear No reply to query from EPI yet FL
Idaho Power Unclear https://www.idahopower.com/outages-safety/safety/our-covid-19-response/ ID, OR
Lansing Board of Water & Light Yes, but water only, not electricity. https://www.lbwl.com/outage-center/covid-19-update Appears to only cover water, not electricity. MI
Mississippi Power Unclear No reply to query from EPI yet MS
NRG No https://twitter.com/nrgenergy/status/1238604888445267968?s=20 CT, DE, DC, IL, MD, MA, NJ, NY, OH, PA
Southern Company Unclear No reply to query from EPI yet. “No information at this time” and directed EPI to contact the operating companies (GA, AL, MS) independently. GA, AL, MS
Southern Company Gas No https://investor.southerncompany.com/information-for-investors/latest-news/latest-news-releases/press-release-details/2020/Southern-Company-Gas-Assures-Customers-Safe-and-Reliable-Service-Will-Continue-During-COVID-19-Pandemic/default.aspx IL, GA, VA, TN

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