Use your CSR Funds to Solarize and Empower the Villages of India with Mon Ami and MYSUN

CSR Funds for underprivileged

As per section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013, CSR initiatives are a mandate for all qualifying companies in India. As a responsible member of society, working towards the upliftment of society and the general well being of the environment; fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility for sustainable development is more than just a legal mandate for companies. It should be acknowledged as a moral responsibility for all business entities. After all, businesses flourish only in a flourishing society and environment.

There are countless benefits of corporate social responsibility to society. And companies can use their CSR funds under numerous pillars to fulfil their responsibility towards building a better society, and sponsoring environmental sustainability is one of them.

India is a power excess country but the lack of infrastructure still has left millions living in the darkness. For them, power remains a distant dream. To mitigate the complexities of connecting these remote villages to the main power grids, independent solar systems can be a suitable solution to bring power to their homes. The Government of India has a target to make India a 100GW solar-powered nation by the year 2022, and to meet its growing power demand in an environmentally friendly manner. Various international agencies including the World Bank have offered funds to aid India in its mission to solarize the country.

At MYSUN, we very much support the vision of ‘Power For All’ and strongly believe in the application of solar power to bring power to the remotest of locations. To achieve this goal, MYSUN has partnered with the Mon Ami Foundation, a registered non-profit trust, to help Corporates use their CSR funds to establish solar power projects for the underprivileged and the unconnected across India. Together, both MYSUN and Mon Ami believe that energy is a necessity and when available abundantly in the form of solar energy, no one should remain deprived of its utility.

How MYSUN can help use your CSR Funds to build a Sustainable Environment and Society by Solarizing India

Clean and sustainable energy provided by solar qualifies as spending for Corporate social responsibility towards the environment. To provide the complete end to end solar solution to the underprivileged, MYSUN has tied up with the Mon Ami Foundation, a registered Not for Profit Trust, which has been operational since 2015.

We have predefined the following packages for the quick deployment of CSR funds for the installation of solar projects. These packages start at Rs 5 lacs and go up to Rs 25 lacs. For CSR funds beyond this value, our team will work directly with you on a customized plan.

As a corporate, you can expect the following deliverables for CSR funding:

  1. Complete end to end project management
  2. Pre and post-impact assessment of the CSR project
  3. 80G Certificate for claims from the Income Tax department
  4. Fund utilization certificate from Chartered Accountants
  5. Complete project implementation report

How to Proceed to Fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility towards the Environment and Society by Solarizing India with MYSUN

Step 1: Contact MYSUN for deploying your CSR funds under the environmental sustainability pillar by sharing your details here, or writing to us at [email protected].

Step 2: Share your geographical area of focus, budget, choice of solar products and timelines for the project.

Step 3: MYSUN will then work with Mon Ami Foundation to create a specific solution.

Step 4: Mon Ami foundation thereafter will share a “Request for Grant”.

Step 5: As a Corporate, you approve the project and release the CSR funds.

Step 6: Mon Ami Foundation and MYSUN will complete the project by working with local Self Help Groups(#SHGs) and recipient communities and submit all required documentation.

With just 6 simple steps Corporates like yours can bring sunshine in the lives of millions in the country. If you are a member of such a corporation who would like to use their CSR funds for empowering the nation and for the betterment of the environment, do connect with us by submitting your enquiry here or by writing to us at [email protected]. You may also directly call us on +91 9873167009.