Travis Scott Squads Up In The Tesla Cybertruck & ATV — New Music Video

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Travis Scott has a new music video out and guess what’s in it? You probably already know thanks to Viv* sharing the clip with everyone on Twitter. Tesla’s Cybertruck and ATV as well as The Boring Company’s “Not a flame thrower” make an appearance.

The name of his song is Gang Gang (I read that as Yang Gang at first) and the video is a collab between several artists. Sheck Wes, Don Toliver, Luxury Tax 50, and Cactus Jack are all spitting fire, but, in my opinion, it doesn’t get lit until The Boring Company’s Not-A-Flamethrower is fired up.

This is just more proof that Tesla doesn’t need to pay Google, Facebook, or DirectTV for ad space. It doesn’t need to pay newspapers or other media outlets for advertising. I mean, when you have rappers featuring your products in their videos, that’s a pretty huge endorsement.

Some folks on Reddit envisioned how the conversation between Elon Musk and Travis Scott went down.

Travis Scott

I asked Viv what she thought of this and she told me:

“I think it’s a huge opportunity & will only add to Cybertruck’s popularity. Elon knows pop culture well, and given that it’s such a unique vehicle, which is pretty much a sci-fi dream brought to life by Tesla’s insanely talented design team, it will probably appear in many, many more music videos, TV shows, films … etc. in the future. It’s been released less than a month ago, but has already been part of so many VFX & art projects — it’s already iconic. In addition, these kinds of appearances as well as celebrities showing off their Cybertrucks is also going to further accelerate its success. Not that that’s needed, as we’re currently tracking 250k preorders per last update from Elon, but I think Tesla should probably start adjusting their production capacity accordingly.”

Viv has an excellent point. Everyone seems to be obsessed with Tesla’s new Cybertruck. Whether they are people making artistic concepts, joking about balls of steel, or asking if Franz was around when Elon was trying to fix a car window in a 24-year-old photo that Maye Musk posted, it seems everyone is truly obsessed with the Cybertruck — whether they like it or not.

“When Tesla launches a new model, such as its Cybertruck, the industry comes to an abrupt halt, and for a while, there is talk of nothing else,”

—Enrique Dans, Forbes

Art projects, music videos, and short sellers are talking about the Tesla Cybertruck. In his article in Forbes, Enrique Dans points out that Tesla’s Cybertruck unveiling made the industry come to an abrupt halt and that, for a while, there was talk of nothing else. Both sides for and against the Cybertruck were talking about it. It’s one of the most interesting and futuristic vehicles ever revealed that would be for actual mass production. It’s no wonder Travis Scott wanted it in his latest video.

*Yes, our awesome Third Row Tesla friend who asked Elon Musk to come on their podcast and got an “Ok sure” in response. 
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