This is your SolarWakeup for February 4th, 2020

Virginia Is For (Solar) Lovers. Advocates have been pushing solar policy and negotiating tactically in Virginia for years. Their patience, steadfastness and political shifts at the capital is making Virginia a market to watch. We’ve seen major corporate purchases for big tech and university systems which made we think of a market that hasn’t taken off yet. Why can’t corporate purchasing and DG come together? The C&I warehouses seem like a great place to produce energy for off site users.

December Numbers. Look at those German solar installation numbers. Especially the 195MW installed under 750kW on rooftops across the Country.

Dynamite CapDyn. I’ve known the team at Capital Dynamics for a few years and their ability to execute and transact continues to impress. Far from their usual acquisition methodology, Capital Dynamics signed a 100MW PPA in Indiana.

A Bridge Too Far. Natural gas is often referred to as the bridge fuel and plenty of generating capacity is betting shareholder dollars on that fact. Much of the gas is so useless, especially on the oil fields that it simply gets burnt, aka flared. I guess that in some way that’s as wasteful as the daily solar spill that hits the earth without a solar panel in the way (but much dirtier).

Public PG&E? California’s Senator Wiener, a bold leader that isn’t afraid to tackle the toughest topics and has been a big solar leader, is calling for PG&E to be taken over by the State. He wants the management to be employed by the State with the 24,000 workers to be hired by the company in a way that doesn’t affect their compensation and pension. The labor component has been one of the trickier pieces of the State’s thoughts on this topic, rightfully so.

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