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Published on January 16th, 2020 | by Johnna Crider

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Hip hop artist The Hyphenate not only makes a beat in Tesla’s TRAX, but he shows you how to use it, too. For those who get confused when looking at creation software like this (like me), this is vital. I personally would never open it because I would be overwhelmed and not know what I am doing and just mutter a few curse words and exit out of the app. But The Hyphenate walks us through it beautifully.

TRAX (another feature that is unique to Tesla vehicles) is a digital audio workstation that enables owners to make music while in their vehicles. It’s a great way to kill time while Supercharging and, in my opinion, a great way to introduce kids into the art of making music. Get them started early!

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The Hyphenate says that Tesla still has a bit of work to do when it comes to the music-making software, but that it’s already “super dope” — after all, you are able to make music in your car! He also gives a shout out to Tesla Club-SoCal for the collaboration. Marty Morisse tells Evannex that, “When there’s anything that has to do with music, The Hyphenate is the guy we go to. … He explains how to use TRAX [which] is a huge help to many of us Tesla drivers wanting to learn and play with the app. The Hyphenate also tweeted Elon and volunteered his services to help make the next version of TRAX even better.”

Evannex also shares that Morisse and The Hyphenate along with members of Tesla Club-SoCal were in a music video about Tesla. This clip included the most Teslas that have ever appeared in a single music video. Of course, I had to see this video, and upon seeing it, my first question was, How has this not been all over Twitter? 

The video opens up with a stunning view of the beach, a deep bass line, and then Morisse’s silky voice entices you to take a ride with her. Her siren’s voice deepens as she raps about clean air and her P100D. This is one of those videos that pulls you in with a beat that resonates with your pulse, and then it excites you about the beauty of these vehicles. It is one of the most coolest Tesla music videos strictly about Tesla out there. I definitely want to take a ride.

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I can totally see The Hyphenate making his beats inside the Cybertruck.

You can read more about Morisse’s love for music and Tesla as well as how she got turned onto Tesla here

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