Tesla’s Mobile Tire Service Is A Game-Changer


Published on February 13th, 2020 | by Kyle Field

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What To You Do When Your Tesla Gets A Flat?
(Tesla Raj Takes One For The Team)

Teslas are like most vehicles in that they have four wheels, a go pedal, a stop pedal, and the like, but when it comes to changing tires, things get a little strange. Because Tesla vehicles cannot be towed with a traditional tow truck and must be put on a flatbed to be moved around, Tesla has opted to start up its own Mobile Tire Service team to come to the rescue when owners get flat tires.

Screenshot from Tesla Raj

YouTuber Tesla Raj documented his experience with the Tesla Mobile Tire Service Team and found that not only were they able to change his tire, the response time was impressive. Rewinding to the real world, in which cars make noise and tires take hours to change, the process is daunting at best. When he realized his Model 3 had a flat tire, all it took was a quick phone call to Tesla’s In-Car Assistance Number and the wheels were set in motion.

Nobody really knows what happens behind the curtain at Tesla, but whatever it was in this case, Raj received a phone call a few minutes later from a Tesla Mobile Tire Service Technician. The technician confirmed he was 45 minutes out and already en route. The response time was impressive considering it takes a phone call or two to a normal tire shop just to confirm the correct tires are in stock, and that their installers have availability.

Screenshot from Tesla Raj

The Tesla Mobile Tire Service Technician showed up on site and promptly started working to select a tire from the onboard cache of tires. Tesla not only knows what tires its vehicles use, but also which tires will fit the specific configuration on your vehicle. That’s a nice improvement over traditional tire shops, which put the burden of sizing and tire selection on the owner.

The big win here is really that Tesla comes to you with the tires. They met Raj where he was, swapped out the tire, and he was back on the road in about an hour and fifteen minutes. No more towing the car to the nearest tire shop or pulling off the tire and hitching a ride to where you’re going. Just leave the car where it is and Tesla comes to you with a fresh new tire.

Screenshot from Tesla Raj

The downside here is the price. The tire selection is limited to what will fit in Tesla’s Service vehicles, and you don’t really have the option to choose a lower price tire or price match with online tire shops. Having said that, it may be worth paying a few extra bucks for the convenience of having the tire shop come to you. I sure am tempted.

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