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Published on February 5th, 2020 | by Zachary Shahan

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Someone has gone and created a simple little Tesla video game in which you can walk around, watch videos about Tesla, talk to a Tesla-loving “CyberGirl,” click through to Tesla.com using the game creator’s referral code link, listen to cyber Elon Musk and Franz Holzhausen relay some useful statements that real Elon and Franz made, and more. My favorite part is zipping into the sky for a good view of the city on a definite non-Tesla vehicle.

Elon Musk

Franz Holzhausen (looks surprisingly similar to Elon).

Is this critical, earth-moving stuff? No, not quite, but it’s definitely a fun creation that highlights some great Tesla videos, quotes, and inside jokes. One of the fascinating things about Tesla is how much it has created a position for itself in 21st century human culture, entertainment, and creativity. It is clearly beyond being a simple money-sucking company when fans are creating video games, music, and professional-quality commercials about the company pro bono, in their free time, just because Tesla is the most interesting and exciting thing around for many people.

I’ve said before that much of Tesla’s success is due to its role for many people at the center of a societal revolution, or at least a major tech transition. Some of that is due to its importance in stopping global heating, since there’s a vast population of climate hawks and concerned citizens who are doing whatever they can to help the world. Portions of these larger social movements have become big Tesla fans and have certainly done what was needed to make this into a highly successful company, whether out of a perceived duty to help advance cleantech or not.

However, Tesla also goes beyond those green/climate circles. Tesla is tremendously popular because of its tech, because its vehicles are computers on wheels, because head honcho Elon Musk is also a leader in space matters (which excite a lot of people), and because Tesla has turned the automobile into something fun, interesting, intelligent, and inspiring.

If you enjoy the video game and plan to buy a Tesla, you can give the creator a boost using this referral page when making the purchase.


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