Tesla Sentry Mode Catches Sk8R Dude Smashing A Tesla

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Published on February 22nd, 2020 | by Johnna Crider

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Tesla Sentry Mode has caught another act of vandalism. This time it was a guy with a skateboard who smashed the windscreen of the Tesla vehicle. The video clip is 2 seconds long, but Sentry Mode catches a very clear view of the guy’s face. The location was in Albury, New South Wales, and the caption read, “I guess he don’t know about Sentry Mode.” [Editor’s update: The vandal has reportedly been arrested now.]

In the video, the guy clearly is focused on the Tesla, as he avoids the other vehicles entirely. He quickly walks over to the Tesla, smashes the window with his skateboard, then does an about-face. You would think in this day and age of CCTV and smartphones that people would realize they are being recorded 24/7. There’s always a camera somewhere.

Imagine coming to your car and seeing this. And why? The damage to the windshield is pretty bad and would make it impossible for the owner to drive home safely. For someone to be filled with this much rage at a stranger is really unnerving. The photo below shows the guy up close in the paused video still.

Perhaps Elon should start making the bulletproof glass an option for all Tesla vehicles and available as an upgrade for those who already have a Tesla but would want to switch it out for a stronger type of glass that definitely would not crack under the wheel of a skateboard?

Not only would having bulletproof glass be better for the driver, but it would make the vandal even angrier and he would probably stay longer trying to either break the glass or do something else — and then end up getting clearly caught on camera and then by the police.

As a friendly reminder, know that there are cameras everywhere — you’re always being watched. Don’t be stupid. 

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