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Published on December 27th, 2019 | by Johnna Crider

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In a recent Scent Wedge product ad, Tesla Romance Mode is featured, and it’s pretty adorable.

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In the ad, you see a couple getting ready to enjoy a few moments and the guy stops the girl for just a second. He places the air freshener in its place and you can hear the cracking of the fire in the background. Once that’s all said and done, the short ad ends with them cuddling and a message:

Romance Mode Responsibly.

There are not that many videos on YouTube about Romance Mode, not as many as there are with Sentry Mode. And that’s okay — those moments should definitely be kept private. But it does offer a great way to advertise a product related to Tesla, such as Scent Wedge, or even unrelated to Tesla, such as the moment when someone proposes.

The point is that Tesla by itself would make an amazing ad prop and we can all see that in this video. This just adds weight to the fact that Tesla really doesn’t need to pay for advertising since it is featured pretty much everywhere online.

Another venue in which Tesla is increasingly highlighted is music. For example, Jaden Smith used a Tesla Model X at the 2019 Coachella Music Festival — he had it suspended in the air with the falcon-wing doors open.

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Jaden Smith has also used his Model X, which is deliciously purple (my favorite color), in one of his music videos as well. He even says that he hopes to be like Elon Musk and that he loves both Elon and Tesla.

Among various other music videos, the Tesla Model X is also featured at the beginning of the music video for the popular song “High Hopes” by Panic! At The Disco:

[embedded content]

Another song that is a few years old but still pretty popular is Whip A Tesla.

[embedded content]

It’s pretty evident that Tesla is a cultural icon and will be seen as such when future generations look back into their history — which is the time we are living in now — and will think, “Wow I wish I would have been around when Elon Musk was around!” 
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