Tesla Model Y Standing Next To Volvo XC90 — Looks Like A Midsized SUV (Video)

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Recently, a Tesla Model Y prototype was spotted being parked side by side with a Volvo XC90 SUV, and Jay Yu, who is an enthusiastic Tesla owner, didn’t miss the chance to record a short video clip of both vehicles from behind. By the looks of it, the Model Y doesn’t look much smaller than the XC90, which is a midsized luxury SUV.

Jay’s height is 5’7 ½” (69 in / 1,753 mm), and when he stood beside the Tesla Model Y, it was close to his height — comparative to Volvo XC90’s exterior dimensions, which was was 69.9 in (1,775 mm) high. There is a very minor difference in height.

Over at our friend Vincent’s Tesmanian blog, he leaked the Model Y dimensions, but they are from an anonymous source and the height of the Model Y in those leaks is mentioned as 64 in (1,626 mm). 5 inches of difference is a lot, on the other hand, Tesla is still reluctant to release official numbers for the Model Y interior and exterior dimensions, just days away from the start of deliveries, starting most probably coming Sunday.

From looking at this short video clip, it seems that there is also not much difference between both SUVs in terms of width and length, if we consider Tesmanian’s Model Y exterior dimensions figures, a comparison table of both of these vehicles would look like the following:

Table 1.1: Tesla Model Y vs. Volvo XC90 Exterior Dimensions Comparison

Options Tesla Model Y Volvo XC90
Length 187 in (4,750 mm) 195 in (4,953 mm)
Width 83.8 in (2,218 mm) 84.3 in (2,141 mm)
Height 64 in (1,624 mm) 69.9 in (1,775 mm)
Wheelbase 113.8 in (2,890 mm) 117.5 in (2,985 mm)

The exterior specs comparison shows that the Model Y is slightly smaller than the Volvo XC90, but it should feel large inside. Does this still categorize it as a midsized SUV? Most probably yes — we have been quoting the Model Y as a compact SUV in the past but these final production intent prototypes have somehow evolved. The one shown at the unveiling event last year. — of course he is.

Here’s what Jay saw and posted in his tweet (high-res YouTube version of the video below):

Model Y vs. Model 3 visual comparisons:

[embedded content]


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