Tesla Model Y Order Confirmations In Canada Now

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Tesla Model Y deliveries are soon starting in Canada (as well the USA) and it is beginning to feel like Christmas in March. Tesla Model Y buyers in both Canada and the US have now received emails from Tesla telling them to prepare for their Model Y deliveries. Twitter user AnythingTesla shared a screenshot of their confirmation email from Tesla with the caption, “Oh Canada, are you guys ready for the Y! Deliver emails are going out in Vancouver.”

Also, initially, only people ordering a Model Y with a black interior were getting invited to finalize their orders. Now, however, people who chose a white interior are as well.

Another piece of news about the Y is that order confirmations are going out to non-performance Model Y reservation holders as well. It may be that Tesla wants to collect as much information as possible right now about specific trim/feature orders, rather than a sign of imminent delivery.

Torque News previously shared that Canada could be the first for Model Y deliveries due to big incentives offered for EVs there now. In Quebec, EV buyers will have access to an $8,000 EV subsidy. That should lead to an enormous Tesla share of new sales in the region, which should also lead to significant improvements in air quality for local citizens.

The main competitor for Tesla isn’t other EVs — it’s gas-powered vehicles. Tesla will still dominate the EV market, but many EVs can see their sales grow as more people become aware of the benefits of electric life and the EV share of the market expands. Tesla has come to the market with a loud bang that is leaving legacy automakers frightened of what’s to come next. That bang is the sound of exciting consumers who will be the ultimate winners as they make the choice to go green with their driving habits.

“Tesla has positioned itself as the name brand of EV. The Model 3 is the most popular all-battery car on the market and there is no reason why the Model Y wouldn’t fill a new gap in the crossover market.” —Torque News

The starting price for the Tesla Model Y is $53,000 for the Long Range option without the Performance package, and $61,000 for the Model Y Performance — before extra features like Full Self Driving are added. With decision time finally here, some buyers may prefer to pay a bit more for the Model X or go toward the lower-priced Model 3, or even wait on the Cybertruck if that just appeals to them much more. We’ll find out in coming months how orders of other models change. Then again, Tesla is also catering to a niche market of supporters who would buy the Model Y just to support Tesla and to add to their collection. I think demand will be high also because the Model Y is a fresh, new creation of Tesla’s and it brings fresh energy into the market as well.

Most importantly, though, remember that this is the most popular vehicles class these days. Everyone and your mother wants a crossover — or so it seems. The Model Y is just the right size for many at just the right time.

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