Tesla Model Y = Most Likely Next EV Of EV Owners In Netherlands & Norway — CleanTechnica Report

Tesla Model Y = Most Likely Next EV Of EV Owners In Netherlands & Norway — CleanTechnica Report


Published on March 15th, 2020 | by Zachary Shahan

March 15th, 2020 by  

Below is a section of our newest report, Electric Car Drivers: Demands, Desires & Dreams — European Edition (2020)*. For an introduction to the report, read “Electric Car Driver Demands, Desires, & Dreams — Netherlands, Norway, Germany, & France Edition” or check out this short preview document.

Probably the most interesting question we asked in these surveys was one of the simplest: “What do you think your next EV model will be?” It is particularly interesting because it gives us a strong sense of where the market is headed, and combined with answers to some other questions (see the next chapter), it also tells us a bit about which features and specs matter the most to EV buyers.

Dutch EV owners told us they were most likely to buy a Tesla Model Y next, while the Tesla Model 3 was the second most common answer, flipping the responses of survey respondents in the US, Canada, and UK.

The vast majority of German and French EV owners also expected to buy a Tesla next, primarily the Model 3 or Model Y, in that order.

The vast majority of Norwegian EV owners planned to buy a Model Y next.

(Note that these surveys were conducted before the Tesla Cybertruck was unveiled.)

Almost across the board, Dutch, German, French, and Norwegian drivers reported that their next vehicle would be a fully electric vehicle. Combined, that was the case for approximately 90% of respondents in our surveys of EV enthusiasts. In the random sample surveys of BEV and PHEV drivers, the results changed to 65–70%.

When asked about preferred brand for their next EV, and given the option to choose up to three, Tesla won the day in every country — by far. Other brands with fairly good showings (though, below 30% in every case) were BMW, Audi, Renault, Hyundai, and Volkswagen.

Asked about how much respondents expected their next EV to cost, Tesla drivers in all countries expected to spend considerably more on their next EV than non-Tesla drivers — the same as in the US, UK, and Canada.

*CATL and Volta generously sponsored this report. However, they did not influence or even get to preview what was written in the report. Here’s a bit more about these two EV-ecosystem companies:

CATL EV Batteries LogoContemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (“CATL”) is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of lithium-ion power and energy storage batteries, with businesses covering R&D, manufacturing and sales in battery systems for new energy vehicles and energy storage systems. In 2018, the company’s sales reached 21.31 GWh worldwide, which was leading in the world (according to SNE Research).

Volta Charging LogoFounded in 2010 out of a passion for advancing transportation, Volta has mastered the art and science of developing cutting-edge electric vehicle charging networks. Volta is accelerating the electric vehicle movement by providing seamless, simple, and free charging experiences. Thoughtfully located along the paths of our busy lives, Volta chargers are the most used in the industry. With the support of forward-thinking brand partners, Volta delivers free charging solutions to real estate owners, power to the electric vehicle community, and impactful brand stories to everyone. 

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