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Published on November 21st, 2019 | by Frugal Moogal

November 21st, 2019 by  

Watch the Tesla Cybertruck along with me at https://livestream.tesla.com/.  Stream starts 8pm PST.

8:32pm – Frugal Moogal

Another wedge shaped vehicle.

8:28pm – Frugal Moogal

When Tesla unveiled the Semi Truck, they surprised everyone by revealing an updated Roadster. For the Model Y, there was no surprise.

I think we’ll have a surprise tonight, but my guess is it won’t be a new product. Makes sense to surprise the media with something people can buy today to get them to look at.

My guess – we’ll see the first Model Y built on the line.

8:19pm – Frugal Moogal

These make me think that the front of the truck is going to be a giant wedge.  Also, was the Blade Runner prop on display at some amusement park?  I feel like I have seen it, but I may just be remembering the Back to the Future II cars in the Universal Studios backstage tour.

8:13pm – Frugal Moogal

Livestream just posted by Tesla:

And a view of the proceedings so far!

7:57pm – Frugal Moogal

If you’ve watched any other Tesla reveals live, you’re probably aware that they usually start late.  My guess is tonight’s reveal will actually go live at 8:16pm PST.

Also, if you haven’t also watched this 58375 times, enjoy:

7:24pm – Frugal Moogal

F5… F5… F5…

Hey, something changed! Johnna commented!  I agree it’s going to be an awesome night!

Well, while I’m waiting, let me note a few things that I’m looking for in the reveal tonight:

  1. I want the truck to look significantly different than a regular truck.
  2. I want the truck to have a set of features that specifically appeals to business owners that use trucks. Built in outlets to use power tools, a built in air compressor, and places that things can easily be mounted in the cab are just some of those features I’m looking for.
  3. I want the entry level to be priced as competitively as possible.

If Tesla can pull this off, where the truck with the additional features is close in cost to a standard truck with the additional things you’d need to buy and maintain, I think businesses would benefit from the strange looking spaceship truck that just appeared to quote them on their drywall repair or whatever. I see tons of trucks every day with business logos on them, so many that they blend together and I don’t even look at the business names any more. Put that business name on something that looks wild, and I’ll stare at it long enough to remember it.

At least until everyone gets one. But I think they have a way to give their buyers a real competitive edge with a truck that stands out, and if it can be more useful than a standard truck, we’ll have a real winner.

6:44pm – Frugal Moogal

Tesla is unveiling its Cybertruck tonight, and if you’re out there waiting like I am right now, refreshing the Tesla Twitter account over and over to try to find out where the stream will be hosted, you can join me here and refresh this page over and over too.

F5… nope. F5… nope. F5… nope. *sigh*

The stream is set to go live at 8pm PST. I’ll post a couple of updates between now and then about what I’m looking for, and then if you want to watch along with me and the CleanTechnica crew, I’ll be posting my thoughts as they happen, updates from our reporter in LA at the reveal, relevant tweets, reader comments, and whatever else comes to mind.

With that, what are you most hoping to find out at the reveal tonight?  I’ll type up the three things I’m looking for with this reveal soon, but I’d love to hear what you’re looking forward to first!

Keep hittin’ F5…  F5…

While we’re waiting, here are also some initial thoughts from Paul Fosse and pictures from related Tesla gatherings today:

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