Sunworks constructing 2.5-MW public works solar project in Northern California

Sunworks constructing 2.5-MW public works solar project in Northern California


Sunworks, a solar power solutions provider for agriculture, commercial, industrial and residential markets, has received approval to commence construction of a public works project for a state-sponsored institution in Northern California.

This 2.5-MW solar project was secured through an established Sunworks development partner. As part of this multi-megawatt project, Sunworks will construct multiple carports and parking canopy systems that will directly reduce energy costs and advance sustainability goals for its customers.

“The public works market in California continues to grow as renewable energy initiatives and state mandates to reduce greenhouse gas emissions advance,” said Chuck Cargile, Sunworks CEO. “The scale and scope of public works projects represent a significant opportunity for Sunworks and further demonstrates the progress we have made in establishing and cultivating relationships with influential partners.

Sunworks has experience as an engineering, procurement and construction contractor partnering with solar power developers that specialize in public sector agencies to construct solar projects in California.

“Increasingly, government-owned and sponsored facilities are seeking solutions to reduce carbon footprints and lower operating costs, creating a growing opportunity for Sunworks,” Cargile said. “We are particularly pleased with this project due it’s size, the revenue it will contribute in the first half of 2020, and the fact that it is a follow-on project with one of our key development partners.”

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