SPI Energy enters 18 MW solar portfolio into Oregon Community Solar Program


SPI Energy announced it submitted 18 MW of previously closed solar projects to the newly formed Oregon Community Solar Program. Following the acceptance and approval from the Public Utility Commission of Oregon, SPI, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Solar Town, will begin offering community solar subscriptions to businesses, nonprofits and homeowners in the Portland General Electric (PGE) utility territory. Electricity users will be able to save up to 10% on their electricity bills from the off-site solar gardens.

Customers will be able to subscribe to a community solar project and get a credit on their utility bill for their portion of the energy generated by the project. It is an easy and low-risk way for customers to get the advantages of solar energy — even if they don’t have a roof with applicable sun or rent in an urban area or live in a rural community.

The program was established by the Oregon Legislature, led by the Oregon Public Utility Commission rules through UM 1930. The goal of the Oregon Community Solar Program is to expand the state’s renewable energy portfolio and make solar energy available to customers across the state who previously did not have access to this renewable resource.

“We are happy with the progress of the Oregon Community Solar Program and look forward to providing PGE customers with more cost effective options for their electricity with our community solar gardens,” said Xiaofeng Peng, CEO of SPI Energy. “We are taking prudent steps to expand our solar platform in the United States as we continue to rebalance our business-mix and refine our strategic investment in projects or businesses that have high growth potential.”

News item from SPI Energy

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