Solaredge monitoring vs 3rd parties like Neurio / Sense / Curb

Last month my 12.6k array was turned on and it's been producing well despite my cloudy weather. I'm using a Solaredge inverter and the usage monitoring is great but I'd like to overlay (or at least have) consumption data.

My installer, NC Solar Now, quoted me $1100 to install and config the Solaredge consumption monitoring, but that seems pretty high considering the hardware is about $300 online (SE200 and some clamps). That got me wondering if the Solaredge consumption monitor is the way to go compared with other options like Neurio, Sense, Smappee, etc. I know the data from those options wouldn't be integrated in the Solaredge mobile app, but that's not a big deal. What I'm really looking for is realtime and high resolution data so I can track individual appliances, phantom loads, etc.


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