Solar Support Debuts Inverter and Plant Restoration Services

Solar Support Debuts Inverter and Plant Restoration Services

First in the industry, Solar Support combines its inverter expertise with plant recovery solutions to diagnose and resolve tough issues for utility O&M providers, asset owners and operators. It is also first to deliver customer service flex labor to inverter manufacturers, helping them lower their support costs and increase customer satisfaction.

San Diego, CA – Solar Support, an engineering services company, officially launches its integrated equipment and plant restoration and recovery solution. Working with some of the leading O&M providers in the country, Solar Support combines deep inverter expertise with construction management acumen to resolve complex issues for utility systems. The company delivers remote and on-site diagnostics and issue resolution to help asset owners and operators keep plants running at their peak.

“Our mission is to maximize performance and uptime for our customers and the entire industry, boosting asset production and revenue,” says Auston Taber, CEO of Solar Support. “Our equipment reliability experts don’t just fix inverters. They take every opportunity to transfer knowledge to on-site personnel, arming teams for future success.”

Solar Support has built nearly a quarter century of technical mastery in PV power electronics, including corrective and preventive maintenance with more than 800 fault codes on nearly 50 different inverters.
Driven by a deep commitment to community, its industry-first equipment knowledge portal is PV’s most comprehensive diagnostic database and offered free online troubleshooting to more than a thousand visitors in its first year alone.

“Natural disasters such as hurricanes have wreaked havoc on solar plants,” says Solar Support Chief Engineer Clifford Myers. “We have the technical expertise and experience to restore plants cost-effectively, boosting confidence for owners and operators in the performance of their assets.”

Solar Support’s unique collaboration with manufacturers lets the company offer high-quality, on-demand field labor, increasing manufacturer bandwidth and lowering warranty costs. Its track record designing and building automated, standardized customer service systems helps manufacturers deliver superior service using less manpower.

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Fabienne Rodet, Director of Marketing,, 650.804.2504

About Solar Support
Solar Support is an engineering services company delivering equipment and plant reliability, restoration and recovery service for utility systems. Delivering the highest standard of service to O&M providers, asset managers and owners, EPCs, and manufacturers, Solar Support offers deep expertise based on more than two decades of hands-on experience with inverters and other PV power electronics. Resolving equipment faults and reducing costly site visits make Solar Support the most effective performance resolution option on the market. Through consulting, training, and process development, Solar Support empowers clients to resolve issues autonomously, while its industry-first knowledge portal helps contractors resolve issues efficiently. Visit to learn more about our reliability expertise and commitment to the PV community.