Solar Rebates for CWLP customers

Solar Rebates for CWLP customers

City Water, Light and Power’s Energy Services Office is now offering rebates to residential and business customers for the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. 

Solar Rewards rebates will be calculated at $1,500 per kW installed up to a maximum rebate of $15,000 per CWLP account.  Rebates will last until budgeted Solar Rewards program funds are exhausted.  Applicants will 1) be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, 2) must have CWLP metered electric service, and 3) must obtain pre-approval by CWLP before any equipment is purchased.

Rebate applications are available via the CWLP Energy Services Office or can be requested by phone, (217) 789-2070.

Customers may combine their CWLP solar rebate with both Federal tax credits and State rebates to create a more affordable solar investment.

Here is a summary of the financial incentives available for CWLP PV owners:

1) CWLP Rebate $1,500/kW installed
2) IL DCEO Solar & Wind Rebate – $2.25/watt or 30% of project cost (typically opens in the fall)
3) Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit – 30% of installed cost