SEI is leading two free technical seminars at Middle East Energy in Dubai

Solar Energy International (SEI) will be leading two free technical seminars at Middle East Energy running March 3-5 in Dubai. If you haven’t already registered, you can sign up for a free visitor’s pass to attend the  “world’s largest power conference,” which includes power professionals from over 130 countries and over 1300 exhibitors from around the globe. In its 44th year, Middle East Energy has become a meeting point for networking, business, learning and debate for the power generation, lighting, transmission & distribution, energy storage & management solutions and solar sectors. During the event, SEI’s Kristopher Sutton, Co-Director of the Middle East and Africa Program, will address two critical topics to the solar industry with trainings on Solar Electric System Design Essentials and Tools and Testing Procedures for PV System Performance.

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Solar Electric System Design Essentials is an entry-level PV system design workshop and is recommended for anyone new to the solar market and interested in navigating their way into this fast-growing industry.  With a focus on utility-connected PV systems (the largest and fastest-growing market sector), the class begins by introducing primary components, terminology, and applications for solar electric (PV) systems. We will discuss concepts that are critical for good design, and how they are applied in practice. This workshop will provide a solid, basic foundation from which a larger exploration of utility-connected PV systems can be launched.

Tools and Testing Procedures for PV System Performance workshop teaches participants about performing regular inspections, troubleshooting, and verifying system performance. Having the right tools and understanding of test procedures for PV systems is critical to maximize system runtime and keep warranties intact. In this course with a focus on safety, as a system owner, operator, or maintenance technician, you will gain a basic understanding of how to identify and use the common tools of the trade and the troubleshooting strategies used to diagnose some of the problems that you are most likely to encounter on a PV system. In addition, we will describe some basic concepts of system performance that are critical when doing any kind of testing on PV systems. This course is an excellent starting point for understanding the role of operations and maintenance procedures in keeping PV systems functioning safely and optimally over the course of their entire lifespan.

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