SDC Energy launches cool investment fund to build commercial PV systems that benefit non-profits

SDC Energy Commercial Project - CA

SDC Energy, a bespoke investment firm specializing in renewable investments, launched the SDSF Solar Fund IV for private investors, family offices, and financial advisers. What’s cool about this fund is how it leverages solar incentives to offset investors’ taxes through financing commercial photovoltaic projects for non-profits, which are not eligible for income-reducing subsidies, saving a few trees with one stone.

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“We are excited to make our tax-advantaged solar financing program accessible to a broader pool of conscientious investors,” says SDC Energy President Charles Schaffer. “Our Solar Fund offers a triple play of benefits: it lowers taxes, offsets dirty fossil fuels, and helps mission-based organizations acquire clean, cost-effective solar.”

SDC Energy has created the Solar Fund with its partners Sunforce Solutions International, a solar project developer, and CollectiveSun, a firm dedicated to helping nonprofits and tax-exempt organizations fund solar projects. The Solar Fund is being hosted by InfraShares, a crowdfunding platform helping companies raise money to make cities smarter and more sustainable.

How it works

With a minimum investment of $25,000, investors gain 100% ownership in commercial solar assets, reap a 26% federal investment tax credit, and exit after six years with a net profit. Accelerated depreciation and state incentives add substantial tax advantages.

“Joining the SDSF Solar Fund IV will help boost financing for nonprofits,” says Sunforce Solutions CEO Phillip Herzog. “The fund leverages our innovative financing model, which provides the least expensive funding options for nonprofits that are excluded from using tax benefits”

“The Solar Fund is the perfect fit with our Smart City crowdfunding platform,” says Brian Ross, co-founder of InfraShares. “Our platform provides direct investment opportunities in Smart City companies – lowering barriers to raising capital for innovative start-ups committed to making cities and communities smarter, more livable, and sustainable.”

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