SA government places battery storage as a high priority

SA government places battery storage as a high priority

Last week the South Australian Government announced its commencement on making battery storage a higher priority for residents across the state.

Featuring a subsidy of $6000, the Home Battery Schemehas been reduced by 30 per cent and may be further decreased throughout 2020.

However, homeowners need to quickly take advantage of the offer or risk losing up to $7100 This runs alongside the subsidy’s expected cut on April 15, so places are filling up fast across Virtual Power Plant. Once all credits at the highest level are unavailable, no more positions will be freed up.

Battery storage systems see massive growth

Following a record number of installations in batteries throughout 2019, the industry has seen huge growth across home energy storage. Now, the benchmark to reach half of the Jamestown facility has been achieved. This facility is the world’s largest lithium-iron battery.

David Sharpe from Sharpe Energy Hub in Adelaide said the near future will be the key stepping stones for homeowners to take up what’s left of these opportunities.

“The next few months are a critical time for homeowners to decide on home battery storage to lock in the current levels of subsidies and credits,” he said. 

“We have brought in extra stocks of batteries and related solar systems to ensure a guaranteed installation timeframe.”

The importance of investing in quality solar systems

However, it’s important for homeowners to understand that the deadline shouldn’t be a temptation to opt for cheaper systems that aren’t designed for longevity or quality. While the cost-savings between a cheap model and a higher-end one may be significant, the gap in performance is tremendous. 

Currently, Sharpe Energy Hub’s range includes three out of four batteries that meet the industry’s objectives for both lifespan and charging cycles. Backed by their Energy Analyser tool, the company provides consumption details to homeowners, allowing them to better understand how they can save up to 80 per cent on energy bills.

To make the offer even sweeter, Sharpe Energy Hub also offers a low-cost finance solution for flexibility and accessibility