Rice University Becomes the First in Texas to Place the Envision EV ARC™ Solar Powered EV Charger

Rice University Becomes the First in Texas to Place the Envision EV ARC™ Solar Powered EV Charger

Oil capital of the world Houston gets Texas’ First Envision EV ARC™ Solar Powered EV Charger at Rice University

Envision Solar International, Inc., (Nasdaq: EVSI, EVSIW) (“Envision Solar,” or the “Company”), the leading producer of unique and sustainable infrastructure products for electric vehicle charging, energy security and outdoor media, today announced that Rice University in Houston, TX, has become the first location in Texas to deploy the Company’s EV ARC™ EV charging infrastructure product. The EV ARC™ is being supplied for students, faculty, staff and visitors to advance Rice University’s Climate Action Plan.

“The EV-ARC solar EV charging station furthers Rice’s sustainability initiatives on campus,” said Eugen Radulescu, Director of Administrative Services at Rice University. “Because it is completely off-grid, we didn’t need to do construction that would have disrupted the campus. And we can move the EV ARC anytime, anywhere we need it.”

Rice University is a signatory of the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment, and has set a target to become carbon neutral as a university by the year 2038. The EV ARC™ solar powered EV charging station allows students, faculty, staff and visitors to charge on 100% renewable energy and drive on sunshine. The unit was donated by sustainability enthusiast and Rice alumnus Brian Patterson. This expands on Rice’s Climate Action Plan that includes an initiative to reduce Rice’s greenhouse gas emissions by offering several sustainable transportation options to students, staff and faculty.

“It was on Rice University’s campus that Kennedy made public his commitment to ‘go to the moon in this decade’,” commented Desmond Wheatley, President and CEO of Envision Solar. “America can and should lead the global transition to clean and sustainable transportation and we plan to play a major role in that mission. We’re excited to welcome Houston to our growing list of cities with EV ARC stations and see Texas as a great frontier for clean EV charging.”

While Texas is known for big oil—as of 2017 Texas emits the most greenhouse gases in the U.S.1—big oil companies are committing to a cleaner environment. Just last month BP PLC announced ambitions to be carbon net zero by 2050. Causes of the state’s vast greenhouse gas emissions include the state’s large number of coal power plants and the state’s refining and manufacturing industries. To reverse this trend, Texas has also been one of the most prolific installers of large scale solar and wind projects, and is #2 in the nation for EV charging station unit deployment. 100% off-grid solar charging infrastructure can help Texas become a clean leader.

Manufactured in California, the patented EV ARC™ and EV ARC™ DC Fast Charging products fit inside single parking spaces without reducing available parking. The EV ARC™ product generates enough clean solar electricity to power up to 225 miles of EV driving in a day. EV ARC™ DC fast charging systems provide up to 1,100 miles per day. The EV ARC™ system’s solar electrical generation is enhanced by EnvisionTrak™ (patented) which causes the solar array to follow the sun, generating up to 25 percent more electricity than a fixed array. The energy is stored in the EV ARC™ product’s on-board energy storage for charging day or night, and to provide EV charging and emergency power during grid failure. The EV ARC™ product is a permanent solution that provides Level I, Level II and DC Fast Charging, but because it requires no trenching, foundations or installation work of any kind, is deployed in minutes and can be moved to a new location with ease. EV ARC™ products are manufactured in the company’s San Diego facility by highly talented, mission-driven team members, including combat veterans, individuals with disabilities and other underserved demographics.
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Envision Solar, www.envisionsolar.com, produces and sells unique and patented sustainable infrastructure products for electric vehicle charging, energy security and outdoor media, including the EV ARC™ and the Solar Tree® with EnvisionTrak™ patented solar tracking, SunCharge™ solar Electric Vehicle Charging, ARC™ technology energy storage, and EnvisionMedia™ solar advertising displays.

Based in San Diego, the company produces Made in America products. Envision Solar is listed on the Nasdaq CM under the symbols EVSI and EVSIW. For more information visit www.envisionsolar.com or call (858) 799-4583. Follow us on social media to keep up with the latest news: Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

1 “Rankings: Total Carbon Dioxide Emissions, 2017”. U.S. Energy Information Administration. 2017.