REC Group launches rare ProTrust Warranty

REC Group launches rare ProTrust Warranty

REC Group – known for its standing as an international pioneer in solar – has launched its exceptional ProTrust Warranty, specifically for its solar modules. These are being made available by certified REC Solar Professional installers and will include a premium 25-year warranty – a unique offer of its own.

The offer includes a 25-year warranty on the product, as well as on performance and labour, all guaranteed by REC Certified Solar Professionals. It’s exceptional quality and standards are providing improved reliability for the market, as REC aims to continue its reputation for outstanding warranty packages.

The triple warranty gives REC customers peace of mind around their individual PV installations, and the clean energy generated around it. It also provides stability through financial savings that will continue giving over future generations.

In nutshell: What it includes

Through this offer, REC customers will receive:

  • Product warranty: Covering all panel defects – whether material or assembly-related flaws. This must be according to product warranty standards. It aims to safeguard panel quality for 25 years.
  • Performance warranty: Gives peace of mind that all REC panels will perform as intended, distributing premium power every year for the period of 25 years.
  • Labour warranty: If panels need to be serviced, REC will pay the labour fee to provide cost coverage for the work needed. It will also refund any defective panels over the duration of 25 years for any installations up to 25 kW. This includes 10 years for installations that are between 25 and 500 kW.

A trusted reputation

REC Group is already known across the globe for its unique reliability, quality and impeccable service. It’s often referred to as the industry’s most trusted for solar in particular.

With more than 4 million panels produced through the company annually, approximately only 400 come through as return claims – a ratio that has the organisation in an outstanding position in the field.

CEO Steve O’Neil said the warranty further proves the company’s dedication to outstanding quality, as well as helping customers gain economic security.

“Our product, performance and labour guarantee builds on the impeccable quality of REC products to create a gold-standard warranty package,” he said.

An installation from REC, featuring high-end products, can potentially save home and business owners significant amounts on their annual power bills. Across the U.S, these savings are known to range from $10,000 USD through to almost $30,000 USD over the duration of 20 years.