Raindrops On White Tesla Model Y Performance (Spy Video), + Different Tesla Model Y Designs Raise Questions

January 7th, 2020 by  

There is so much Tesla news breaking of late. And some Musk dances along with it.

Still, there’s more big news to come, especially regarding the Model Y, and the question of whether it is right for you and your family or job. It appears that many do think so. The Model Y is the next technologically brilliant, useful vehicle that Tesla is putting into production for the masses to adopt, something in between the Tesla Model X and Tesla Model 3. It is like a mild but active middle child, needing little attention as it jumps into the flow of things. The Cybertruck is now the youngest, and has quickly stolen the spotlight, but don’t underestimate or forget about the Model Y.

Luckily, we are getting more and more views of the Model Y in the real world, like the recent photos above from our own Kyle Field in Oxnard, California. Below is another video glimpse of the Y, perhaps useful for those musing about a Model Y future. Although there are raindrops on the Model Y, the video offers a bright, clear look at the Model Y Performance prototype. This siting emerges from San Luis Obispo, California.

A driver with a camera noticed it sublimely as he was passing by a parking lot. (Think I’ll go back for a second take.) The rain adds a nice, natural, artistic touch, with the high-definition video capturing the white glow and smooth curves so well. The black and silver accents of the 100% electric SUV make it look that much beautiful.

[embedded content]

The coming year promises to be a good one. More zero-emissions vehicles help everyone’s air quality, protecting our health. Elon Musk said the Model Y would be coming in “summer 2020,” yet it seems like things are quickening day by day with Tesla. Maybe it will be coming earlier than that — limited production should start happening in this quarter (Q1 2020), according to information some on our team have garnered.

If a key appeal of the Model Y (over the Model 3) is that you get to ride a bit higher from the ground, take a look at a height comparison between a Model 3 and Model Y charging next to each other. Thanks to C@559FresnoState for these spy shots (hat tip to Iqtidar Ali).

And a hat tip is due to Iqtidar Ali at X Auto again, who pointed out that some keen Tesla enthusiasts noticed two distinct Model Y prototypes featuring different hatch openings.

Ali suggest that one of the trunks is more angled, offering a wider opening of the trunk. Ali believes that this is a design decision that was taken late in the prototype stage.

Ali continues, “The other stunning white Model Y prototype recently spotted in San Luis Obispo, CA also has the new trunk design, looks like this change has also affected the rear fender from where it molds and the rear bumper design as well.”

If you haven’t noticed it yet, the white Model Y seen in the pic above is also the one in the video higher up and is the one Kyle Field photographed in Oxnard. It’s been getting around.

Featured image by Kyle Field | CleanTechnica

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