Rad Power Bikes Adds A RadRover Step-Thru & Refreshes E-Bike Lineup For 2020


Published on January 20th, 2020 | by Kyle Field

January 20th, 2020 by  

Rad Power Bikes is kicking off the new year with a new model and improvements across nearly its entire line of e-bikes. The big news is an all new RadRover Step-Thru that brings the power of electric mobility to even more customers in a new build that combines the fat tires from the RadRover and a new low-step frame that makes it easier to mount.

Rad Power electric bikes

Image courtesy: Rad Power Bikes

“The RadRover launched our business in 2015 and gave a jolt to the e-bike revolution by proving that electric bikes can be durable, powerful, affordable, and built for everyday adventure. Five years later, we’re reinforcing our commitment to e-bike accessibility and utility with the RadRover Step-Thru,” Mike Radenbaugh, Rad Power Bikes’ founder and CEO, said. “This beast of a bike ​combines the rugged capabilities of our flagship high-step model with a new frame style ​that fits the needs of more riders.”

Rad Power Bikes is North America’s largest e-bike brand, making the improvements that much more exciting as their extremely affordable prices make it easy for almost anyone to ride electric. We love our electric vehicles (EVs) around here, but bicycles enable not only far lower emissions per mile than even EVs, but the ability to get in shape at the same time.

Rad Power electric bikes

Image courtesy: Rad Power Bikes

A slew of improvements were deployed to many of its other e-bikes for the new year as well. To help buyers and owners keep the different configurations straight, a new naming convention aims to simplify things with the new RadRover 5, RadMini 4, RadMini Step-Thru 2, RadCity 4, and RadCity Step-Thru 3 being introduced.

Pricing stays the same in a nice blessing for new buyers, with new features like standard fenders on the RadRover and RadMini models. The RadCity picked up new mount points for security-oriented accessories that will make it easier for owners to keep their new rig safe where ever their travels may take them. The RadCity 4 line has also been consolidated from standard and large frames to a single 18.5″ frame size for 2020.

Rad Power RadCity electric bike

The all new 18.5″ 2020 RadCity sporting one of Rad Power Bikes’ new halo headlights. Image courtesy: Rad Power Bikes

The entire Rad Power Bikes lineup traditionally shares many common features like lights, derailleurs, batteries and the like. That standardization is helping out buyers of new 2020 models as Rad Power Bikes is rolling out a new halo headlight that not only looks sweet, but improves visibility of the bikes from the side. A new throttle and refreshed aesthetics are also coming to the entire lineup to help ring in the new year.

The new bikes are already starting to roll out for customers in the US and Canada, so head on over to www.radpowerbikes.com​ to see if one of their new lineup is a good fit for you. 

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