Vehicle Charger

Put the sun in your garage!

Faster charging – faster and better than slow charging

  • Your standard 110V outlet is fine for powering your electric can opener, but when it comes to charging your electric vehicle, a real 240V charger makes a real difference.
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How much of a difference?

  • ChargePoint® Home will charge your EV 6 times faster than a standard outlet – plus, it’s compatible with every EV on the road.
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Not just faster, but smarter

  • Why? Because the ChargePoint app enables you to:
    1. Precisely schedule and monitor every charge
    2. Get reminders to plug your car in and alerts when it’s topped off
    3. Save money by seeing the cheapest times to plug in
    4. See past charges in your monthly Nest Thermostat report
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And not just smarter, but smaller

  • There are other EV chargers in the world, but like winter sweaters from days of yore, many of them are simply too bulky. But the good people at ChargePoint designed their home charger to be sleek and slim and beautiful.
  • In fact, the wall unit has a footprint of less than 1 square foot – that’s smaller than the average housecat!
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