Battery Backups

Get more out of your solar power, even when the lights go out and the rates go up.

Powerful Integration

  • Vivint Solar, combined with LG Chem battery, is a seamless integration that gives peace of mind during grid outages and greater energy independence.
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Enjoy Peace of Mind with Green Backup Power

  • Power critical parts of your home during any outage so you won’t be left in the dark. An LG Chem battery provides reliable backup power when the lights go out.
  • A 9.8 kWh solar battery could run your refrigerator, LED lights, Wi-Fi routers, laptop charge and TV for 15+ hours.
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Use More of Your Solar Power

  • With time-of-use (TOU) rates, electricity costs spike in the evenings when most homes use the most electricity.
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Federal Tax Credit*

  • if your battery is charged with 100% solar power you may be eligible for tax credits – a dollar for dollar reduction of your tax liability, equivalent to 30% of your solar and energy storage cost.*
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Personalized Support from Start to Finish

  • From custom system design to white glove installation, you’ll have a dedicated team to walk you through the process.
  • After installation you’ll get continued support from us with system monitoring.
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10-Year Performance Warranty

Each battery is backed by a LG Chem manufacturer warranty with a guarantee of 60% capacity retention after 10 years.

Seamless Integration

We've simplified everything for you, from installation to maintenance to inspections. LG Chem batteries work seamlessly with your solar power system.

Same-Day Installation

We offer same-day installation on solar plus battery, so you don't need to make more appointments than necessary. Our installers are LG Chem battery trained and certified and will help you determine the best placement, whether it's inside your home or outside, safe from the elements.