Phoenix Contact’s EMpro provides real-time, remote access to solar plant energy consumption data

EMpro phoenix contact

Plant operators and facility managers now have real-time, remote access to their machines’ energy consumption data, with Phoenix Contact’s EMpro. This second generation of energy monitoring devices offers simple configuration and operation, so no special skills are needed to install or commission the device. The EMpro tracks energy parameters such as voltage, current, and power at the machine or system level. It then communicates that data locally, or transmits it to cloud-based services, creating an IIoT energy-monitoring solution.

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The device’s three-step wizard automatically runs upon first power-up, with the option of importing and exporting configuration files between meters. The monitoring capabilities in the integrated web server make it easy to read and visualize data in real time.

In terms of physical integration within a power system, the measuring of circuit currents can be achieved in two ways – by using traditional current transformers (CTs), or through the direct connection of Rogowski coil. The EMpro has an integrated Modbus TCP interface. Optional interfaces are also available for Modbus RTU, PROFINET, or EtherNet/IP, so it is compatible with all major industrial networks.

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