Oh SH*T! It’s Valentines Day! Last-Minute Eco-Gifts For Your Eco-Sweetie

February 12th, 2020 by  

Fellas, I’ve been there — these things happen. Valentine’s Day (or a birthday, or an anniversary…) sneaks up on you and all of a sudden you’re scrambling to make sure your eco-sweetie knows you love her. Of course you do, but you’re a dude. You are not wired well to think ahead with sweetness and plan for making her feel special. On top of that, if you buy her something last minute and it’s not an eco-groovy thing that fits all her world-saving ideas, you’re doubly in the dog house.

No worries, bud … we are going to make this super easy.

CleanTechnica has partnered with Pono Home Essentials, a zero-waste, organic, and totally non-toxic personal care line, to help you get your eco-gal a guilt-free expression of your love for her and the planet she cherishes. Order quickly and the PHE team will even create a personalized gift card to send to your sweetie first thing Valentine’s morning with things like virtual flowers (no child labor or pesticides required), virtual balloons (no plastic marine debris created), and a custom note to make her feel special, eco-luxurious, and sustainable.

Choose from the following sustainable and awesome gifts:

You can also get a gift certificate, allowing her to create her own bundle of awesomeness. We’ll still craft a customized email and have it in her inbox first thing on February 14 (yes, that’s the date … oh you’re helpless…).

As a bonus, if you also send a great photo of the two of you to our staff (info@ponohome.com) when you place your order, we’ll create a custom graphic for you that will look like you actually put some thought into this, and send it with her personalized email.

What are you waiting for? Get your gift card now!


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