Northern Line set to provide heat for over 1,000 homes in North London

Northern Line set to provide heat for over 1,000 homes in North London

If you have travelled via the northern line, especially during the summer; you will realise just how hot it gets.

Instead of simply wasting this heat, Transport for London (TfL) have come up with an innovative idea whereby warm air from an unused Northern Line station will be harnessed to support a heat network that will supply up to 1,000 homes by the end of the year.

The scheme is a joint project between Islington council, Transport for London and the engineering firm Ramboll whereby a heat pump will capture the ‘waste heat’ from a ventilation shaft on City Road, which currently pumps out air at 18C to 28C. This heat will then be used to heat households and hot water to properties.

This is the second phase of Islington’s new Bunhill Energy centre which already provides heat for over 700 households.

According to the Greater London Authority, enough heat is wasted across London to meet around 38% of the city’s heating demand. This could rise to over 60% by 2050 with the expansion of district heating networks.

It is good to see schemes like this being implemented. We need to find innovative ways to decarbonise heat, especially given that the government has announced that gas heating will be banned for new homes as of 2025 to meet climate change obligations.

Currently gas is the primary source of heating for around 85% of UK homes. This needs to fall if we are to meet climate targets. Therefore any initiative like this is welcoming.

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