New Study In Canada Says EV Owners Will Not Buy ICE Again


Published on January 27th, 2020 | by Johnna Crider

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A new study by AAA in Canada tells us that EV owners will not buy fossil fuel vehicles again. The new study shows that 96% of its survey respondents say that they would buy or lease another EV the next time they have to get another car. This study has also found that 40 million Americans are interested in buying electric. The price of electric vehicles is the thing that is keeping them away — not range anxiety. This is why government incentives and tax rebates are vital when it comes to EV adoption.  

The only two Canadian provinces with EV incentives of $5,000 or higher are BC and Quebec, and they also have the highest number of EV sales in the country.

The new study finds that 75% of EV owners charge at home. 

AAA also found that when it comes to people who have range anxiety, this fear is soothed away once people actually sit in the driver’s seat of an EV and realize that in today’s technologically advanced world, their fears were unfounded. Things are easier. Also found in the study was the cost of driving an EV compared with the cost of driving a fossil fuel vehicle. 

The cost of driving 24,000 km (almost 15,000 miles) in an EV is around $546, compared to $1,255 for a somewhat equivalent gas vehicle.

Other things the study found out is that EVs don’t require as much maintenance, as ICE vehicles and that if EVs are maintained according to automakers’ recommendations then the repair costs are just under $1,000 annually. 

When it comes to purchasing an EV, AAA recommends visiting dealerships and test driving them. There are dealers that even sell used Teslas. One way many experienced EVs going electric is through friends and family who drive them. This is the critical way to get people to switch. 

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