Net metering and Electric Choice

Net metering and Electric Choice

ComEd net metering customers can switch to an alternative retail energy supplier (ARES) to save money and/or opt for electricity from renewable energy sources, but there are a few extra steps involved.

  • Contact the ARES to request their Net Metering Application and learn about their enrollment procedures.  Net metering is legislated by the state, so the rules are the same for ComEd and ARES.

  • Review your ComEd bill to see if you have any credits on your account.  When you switch from ComEd to an ARES all credits will be lost.  Since ComEd net metering enrollment periods are April and October, and all net metering credits are zeroed out after 12 months, then those are probably the best months to make the switch.

  • If your community has organized a Community Aggregation for electric supply, you may wish to opt-out and enroll, if possible, once your credits are used up and after completing the new supplier’s net metering agreement.

This information was obtained from the ComEd Net Metering Department.