MYSUN Solar Financing for Commercial & Industrial Establishments: How Does it Work?


“Going solar is a viable investment opportunity, but currently, my business is not in a position to freeze a fraction from the Working Capital in a solar system”.

This is exactly how plenty of our conversations with business leaders would go, a couple of years ago. We have in fact, in the past been quite vocal about the need for strong financing in order to make a good business case for the C&I segment to go solar. This would eventually prove to be the launchpad of MYSUN Deferred Payment Agreement (DPA). Conceived with MYSUN’s core vision to make Solar financially viable and easy for every business and industry in India, MYSUN DPA allows Businesses to transition to solar with easy monthly instalments.

We have shared the details of the features and functions of DPA in our recent blog post, titled – MYSUN Pioneers Rooftop Solar Financing; Actively Helping Industries Go Solar. Post the release of the article, we received a lot of interest and queries from business leaders seeking to know how the Deferred Payment Agreement works? With this article, we will try and explain the working of the MYSUN Deferred Payment Agreement with the help of an illustration.

Instalments Your Business Pays with MYSUN Deferred Payment Agreement

The Deferred Payment Agreement from MYSUN distributes the total cost of the solar systems in “Easy Monthly Instalments”. But what good is an instalment if it disturbs your working capital by even the slightest? The MYSUN DPA (Deferred Payment Agreement), therefore, keeps these ‘easy instalments’ lower than the savings that your business will make with solar every month; allowing your business to afford solar easily without disturbing your financial standing.

For example, you were to install a 560 kWp solar system worth crores in Haryana, which has the potential to save your business around INR 5.8 Lakhs on power bills every month.

Calculator Image

With the MYSUN Deferred Payment Agreement, you can have the solar system installed and just pay INR 35-44 Lakh (20-25% of the solar system cost) as a down payment. The balance amount can be paid in monthly instalments, ranging between INR 4.4-5.0 Lakhs for a period of 2.8 to 3 years. As the instalments in MYSUN DPA will always be less than the monthly savings from solar (which should be INR 5.8 Lakhs in this case), the solar system ends up paying for itself.

MYSUN Deferred Payment Agreement

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MYSUN Solar commercial and industrial Financing

As you can see, MYSUN Solar Financing brings solar systems within the budget of any small, medium or large enterprise. It allows businesses to pay just a fraction of the amount upfront and the solar system eventually pays for itself. With such a handy option on the table, you will agree that there is no right reason for your or any business for that matter to not go solar. Call our solar advisors now on +91 8448380218 or write to them on [email protected] to get your personalised solar proposal under the MYSUN Deferred Payment Agreement.