Movin’On Summit Startup Challenge

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The Movin’On Startup Challenge is an international summit on sustainable mobility with the aim of moving from ambition to action. This is a three-day event that will take place in Montreal from June 3rd through the 5th. In 2019, 250 startups applied and 40 of the best startups were selected.

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This will be the third annual challenge and will be presented by Michelin with C2 as an organizing partner. It was launched in January with a purpose to recruit top sustainable mobility startups to showcase their innovative and real-life solutions at Movin’On.

Attendees will have the opportunity to meet a large number of decision-makers who can help their startups grow. The top 40 startups selected will be able to exhibit their technology at the summit as well as getting free travel and accommodation. Finally, two startups out of the 40 will be selected as winners.

This year’s themes are:

  • Combating global warming and air pollution
  • Preserving resources
  • Improving multimodal mobility
  • Ensuring safe and accessible mobility
  • Designing new global transport efficiency


In order to participate, this must be your first participation in a Movin’On Summit, your startup has to have more than an idea — it needs a legal existence (company name, EIN, etc.) and a first turnover. The last thing to qualify is that you have to bring an innovative, dynamic, live prototype of your product or service. In 2019, 60 countries participated and there were at least 5,000 participants. Also, more than 200 journalists were covering the summit.

If you would like to participate, you can sign up here

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