Miller Bros Solar expands services to include third-party asset management


Miller Bros Solar (MBS) is expanding into the renewable energy asset management space, offering a unique turnkey position to asset owners and operators. By integrating traditional Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and Asset Management (AM), MBS aims to reduce the financial risk of layering redundant services and wrap its Utility and Commercial O&M services with performance optimization, compliance, communication and financial management of renewable energy assets.

MBS will offer à la carte services in three pillars of asset management: Operations, Compliance & Financial and O&M services to operators and owners.

“We’re really excited to expand our services to grow the third party asset management market in North America,” said Ryan Hoffman, Miller Bros Solar CEO. ” We plan to disrupt the market and set the bar to incentivize service providers to keep their own O&M costs in line with an assets needs and grow investors’ returns. What better place to do that than with an integrated asset management and operations and maintenance team?”

MBS will apply a financial proactive perspective to traditional operational decision making, scenario modeling, and in-house field technician services to create efficiencies instead of cost layering. Miller Bros’ 24/7 monitoring and dispatch staff will employ a financial mindset to truck rolls, inimitably growing the bottom line. They aim to create a unique value chain for asset owners and operators bridging the gap of proactive management of operations and making operational decisions that build on top of the corrective maintenance of projects.

Adding to their existing NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection programs of GO and GOP capabilities, they will lower risk of default by tying in contractual and regulatory compliance services, inverter warranty services and OEM warranty expertise, as well has vendor, entity, investor and communication management.

Miller Bros Solar has also engaged accounting and financial expertise for a full suite of financial services ranging from off-taker billing and collections to GAAP accounting services.

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