Juwi applies new coating to operations and maintenance portfolio

From pv magazine Germany.

The operations and maintenance (O&M) unit of German renewables developer Juwi will use and sell the MoreSun anti-reflective coating on the German projects it operates.

The coating, developed by German specialist Pellucere, will be applied to operational PV plants in the Juwi O&M portfolio to increase energy yield, the project developer confirmed.

The coating incorporates Pellucere’s Talus Dirt Rejection Technology, which its developer claims can reduce panel soiling 90%. Pellucere says its coating also raises panel output 3.5-4.2%.

Juwi said it had tested various anti-reflective coatings over 18 months before opting for MoreSun. “We are pleased to be able to offer the operators of large solar plants the MoreSun coating in our O&M portfolio,” said Jörg Grinsch, head of sales and key account management at the developer’s O&M subsidiary.

Guaranteed return

With Juwi stating older, uncoated PV projects could particularly benefit, Grinsch added: “We assume that the investment in the MoreSun coating will pay for itself in just two to three years. The Pellucere amortization guarantee also eliminates any residual risk for customers.” That warranty guarantees the raised revenue from improved panel performance will outstrip the cost of deployment within the lifetime of the policy.

The MoreSun coating, designed by Pellucere for retrofitting on projects, is applied by the company’s Meniscus drag applicator. The structure of the coating, claims its developer, ensures it continues to function in the long-term.

“Although there are no major soiling problems with modules in Germany, the coating prevents dirt and dust from sticking to the surface, especially during the harvest season in the summer months,” added Grinsch.

Klaus-Peter Fuss, senior VP for European, Middle East and North Africa sales and business development at Pellucere, said the raised energy output delivered by the coating compensated for natural module degradation.