IKEA gears up to sell solar power in Australia

IKEA gears up to sell solar power in Australia

We’ve got a lot to look forward to for solar power in 2020, and IKEA’s highly anticipated range is among the list of goodies set to hit the market.

The cost-efficient, lowly priced panels will be available across the country in April, which comes seven years after the range was initially introduced to international markets. 

Partnering with SolarGain from Perth, the Swedish company is locally rolling out the range to employees first. This will act as a national trial. 

From there, sales will be opened to Western Australia, NSW and Queensland. The nationwide rollout is expected to be completed by July. 

How much do IKEA solar panels cost?

Although prices are yet to be solidified or announced to the public, existing packages on the overseas market range from $8500 up to $12,000. SolarGain’s own packages start from $3000 and climb up to $5000 for a system featuring 3kW, or up to $9500 for a 6.6kW unit. 

Chief sustainability officer and country retail manager for IKEA Jan Gardberg said that the company’s products are designed to present consumers with a more cost-effective solar solution, in comparison to if they were to opt for SolarGain’s products directly (or alternative provider). 

Gardberg noted that this is already the biggest point of difference for the brand, given the label operates right across the country. They’re also able to offer significant guarantees for volume and availability and bargaining that otherwise isn’t accessible to consumers. 

Three or four packages will be made available, including battery storage features. All customers will get a yield estimate that will outline daily production and will also take into account each system design. 

Affordability meets stability

Stating that Australia has some of the most “amazing and among the best in the world” conditions, Gardberg said the developments are a huge return on investment already for customers in Finland and Sweden and will be the same here onshore. 

Beyond affordability, the panels from IKEA will also offer peace of mind because of the company’s huge status and stability. One of the most common concerns for consumers is the fear that solar companies will be brought out or go bankrupt after they choose to purchase a system. IKEA aims to eliminate this fear. 

IKEA has already spent more than $4 billion on making its stores focused on cleaner energy, powering its buildings across the globe. In Australia alone, 20,000 solar panels have been installed across its sites, contributing to a total of 900,000 worldwide.