Humless introduces its own 5-kWh LFP battery


Energy storage player Humless has now entered the direct battery supply route with a 5-kWh lithium-iron phosphate battery. The Humless 5-kWh battery will be unveiled this week at the Solar, Storage, and Smart Energy Expo in San Francisco.

“We’ve worked hard to perfect this energy storage product,” said Glenn Jakins, CEO for Humless. “Our product testing has been rigorous to assure that we provide the longest life, safest, and most reliable energy for residential, emergency, or commercial use. We have minimized battery cycling and operating temperatures, while maximizing depth of discharge (DoD) and the greatest universal compatibility.”

Humless also offers its Universal Energy Management (UEM) system, a brand-agnostic storage system that can match any inverter with any 48-V battery.

The new Humless LFP battery for the residential market is stackable up to 14 units to 70 kWh.

“Two million California power customers were affected in 2019 by PG&E cutting electricity supply during high wind blackout periods,” Jakins said. “Electrical utilities in other states are following suit, negatively affecting the U.S. power grid’s reliability record. Our energy storage empowers consumers by reducing the threat of blackouts, helping the public take charge of their relationship with the utility.”

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