How to start a solar farm

Hey everyone!

I am an MBA student and I have decided to start a company with a mission to pursue economically feasible solutions to climate change. One idea I had would be to build and operate a solar farm. Is there anyone with experience on starting a solar farm that would be willing to provide advice? I am thinking of trying to leverage the community solar model.

I am looking to start small, in the 1-2 MW range, in northern Georgia.

Any other economically feasible climate change solution ideas are also welcome!

(FYI – I have a BS degree in physics and an MS in engineering, in addition to the MBA i am currently pursuing)

Here are some of my specific questions:

  1. What would be a reasonable estimate of cost for a 1MW system?
  2. What are the pitfalls / biggest headaches of running a solar farm?
  3. how much payback does one get by selling energy commercially? Gross margins on operating a solar farm?
  4. What are the "i wish i knew this when i started" lessons, so that noobs like me dont have to re-learn them?
  5. What would be a good place to start?

Any answers to the questions above, or maybe to better questions than that would be greatly appreciated!

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