GENIUS smart electric panels approved for revenue grade metering in Canada

genius smart panel

Measurement Canada and Weights & Measures has approved the revenue grade metering for GENIUS, a smart panel from Koben Systems. With over 10 years of R&D, GENIUS is a stealth technology for plug-and-play all-in-one solutions.

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GENIUS enables the convergence of renewable resources for on-grid or off-grid applications under one unified energy management system for residential, small and mid-sized retail, and commercial sites. Not only does GENIUS replace the conventional electrical panel it also provides scalable control and monitoring capabilities of energy consumption at the customer premises for each individual circuit.

GENIUS serves as a microgrid controller which can integrate solar, battery storage, wind, generators, EV and fuel cell technology. It allows for energy shifting based on time, price and availability. What sets GENIUS apart from all other technology is its ability to fully align between smart grid requirements and the consumer’s desire for full visibility and control of effective energy consumption and on site generation.

In addition to standard circuit breakers, GENIUS’s unique architecture includes an array of patented hybrid smart switches capable of connecting and disconnecting automatically upon current overload, short circuits, sparks and overheating. Proprietary algorithms are used for real-time pricing, as well as time-of-use, single rate or pre-paid billing and control and monitoring of all GENIUS-connected electrical circuits.

GENIUS can prevent blackouts and brownouts if installed across a utility’s jurisdiction with its load management and ability to sequentially introduce power to each and every load within the premises. GENIUS is UL certified, CSA certified, Revenue Grade certified and EU certified for Europe.

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