Fun Video Collab: Tesla Model S vs. Tesla Model 3

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Published on March 11th, 2020 | by Johnna Crider

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Here is a fun video collaboration brought to you by Tesla Raj and Eli Burton. In this video, we have Tesla Model S vs. Tesla Model 3. However, neither comes out to be the sole winner. The real winner of this fun little competition is anyone who makes the switch from driving gas cars to electric vehicles (EVs).

Tesla Raj and Eli Burton of My Tesla Adventure star in this video, in which they pretend to mock one another’s vehicles. Tesla Raj has a Model 3 and Eli has a Model S Raven. The two are actually friends who teamed up to bring a funny video comparison of the two vehicles. They play-mock one another while agreeing they have the best car ever. Raj says the Raven is just too big, while Eli says, “Well you know what they say: Size does matter.” (I almost spat out my coffee at that one.)

You can tell they are pretending to be “enemies,” because as they trade mock insults, they can’t stop laughing. Later in the video, Raj just gives up and laughs. They start comparing screen sizes, performance, range. Clearly, the Model S Raven is the faster car, going 0–60 mph in 2.2 seconds, and Eli demonstrates this by racing off.

While Eli and Raj are arguing as to which Tesla is better, a Model X owner, AnythingTesla, says, “Newbs, the best one is the one that opens the doors for you.” This fun video collab ends with a very positive message about EVs and how everyone driving an EV is making a difference.

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“It doesn’t matter what model you have,” Raj says. Eli picks up, “The key is that you’re driving electric and you’re helping to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy.” The truth is that all EVs are helping — not just Teslas. Tesla is the leader, sure, but anyone who chooses to drive electric is helping. In my opinion, Tesla is the better brand, but I am a small shareholder and advocate, so I am biased — but I know that all EVs are a good thing for our environment and hope that more automakers follow Tesla’s lead. 

Volkswagen’s CEO, the former CEO of Ford, and others have already acknowledged Tesla’s leadership in the EV race — they know they have to catch up. Tesla is only 16 years old, a bit younger than Greta Thunberg, whose voice is mobilizing the younger generation to fight climate change and be more aware of our impact on this world, but it is already the #1 powerhouse on the fast-growing global EV market.

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, VW’s CEO, Herbert Diess, said, “We think that Tesla plays a very important role in the transition because they are paving the way. They showed that electric cars are working, that a fully electric car is the right solution. So, we appreciate that.” Tesla’s leadership is something that can be felt in every wallet of those in the legacy auto industry as more people choose to drive electric. 

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