Everybody Solar donates solar array to Boise Bicycle Project


Everybody Solar’s installation for the Boise Bicycle Project.

On January 31, Boise Bicycle Project (BBP) will celebrate the recent installation of a 5.6-kW roof provided by nonprofit Everybody Solar, in partnership with Clenara and Empowered Solar.

The new solar panels — donated by Clenara and installed by Empowered Solar — will save BBP an average of $1,100 annually. With significantly lower overhead costs, the nonprofit will be able to expand its services, which include hosting bike repair workshops and providing refurbished bikes to both kids and adults.

“By going solar, we can make our mission and vision for Boise even more sustainable” says BBP executive director, Jimmy HallyBurton. “Every dollar saved by this renewable system will be invested in our programs that put people on bikes and connect them to opportunities to flourish in this community. That means a brighter cleaner future for BBP and for the hundreds of incredible kids and families we work with each day.”

In 2019, BBP provided:

  • 5,185 community members with their services
  • 1,077 refurbished bikes to kids for free
  • 60 refurbished bicycles to adults for free
  • 12 kids’ fix-it bike workshops
  • 30 mobile bike repair workshops

“Boise Bicycle Project’s work to promote an environmentally-friendly form of transportation and their strong connection to the community made them an excellent candidate for Everybody Solar,” said Myriam Scally, director of operations and development at Everybody Solar.

“Impact is part of our Empowered Solar package, so customers’ investments go beyond their own rooftop. Offsetting energy costs and emissions is a win-win for any operation, but Everybody Solar makes that possible even for nonprofits,” says Leah Hess Victorino, Empowered Solar’s director of social impact and BBP member. “Our staff are all cyclists who benefit personally from BBP’s efforts in our hometown. We’re extremely proud to complete this installation that will keep giving back to BBP and to all of Boise.”

Everybody Solar is currently accepting applications for future projects.

News item from the Boise Bicycle Project (BBP):

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