Energy Choice Coalition supports new Virginia Energy Reform Act

Energy Choice Coalition supports new Virginia Energy Reform Act


The Energy Choice Coalition welcomes the introduction of legislation in Virginia that will empower consumers to choose the type of energy they use to power their lives.

The new bill, HB 206, replaces the Virginia Electric Utility Regulation Act with a system under which retail customers will be able to purchase electricity from the retail electric provider of their choice.

The rise of independent energy suppliers and advances in technology in states that allow competition in their electricity markets have given consumers a greater voice, allowing them to choose cleaner and more affordable energy supplies and services based on their preferences. Virginia consumers have choices in every facet of their lives. They should also have a choice when it comes to the energy products and services they use.

“When did a government monopoly ever lead to lower energy prices? We believe competition is truly the most efficient and quickest way to increase renewable energy use in power generation. We’re happy to see the introduction of energy choice legislation in Virginia and agree with the sponsors of the bill on the need to end the incumbent utility’s chokehold on generation and retail sales,” said Robert Dillon, executive director of the Energy Choice Coalition.

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