Differences Between Tesla Model 3 & Tesla Model Y

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Tesla Model 3. Photo by Zach Shahan | CleanTechnica

Tesla Model Y. Photo by Kyle Field | CleanTechnica

The Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y may look somewhat similar, but they are not the same vehicle. However, some may not realize that or choose to believe otherwise. Twitter user Alter Viggo helped put things into perspective for some who may be confused.

He shares a gif image of both the Model 3 and Y and follows it up with another tweet that separates the images and shows the differences. In the frame of the Model 3, the rigid structure is on the right side of the frame while in the Model Y’s frame, it’s on the top.

Another point that Alter Viggo makes is that when Model Y deliveries start, they will be additive to high Model 3 demand. The Model Y’s price is higher than that of the Model 3 due to the extra room, larger size, and hatchback. Alter Viggo highlights that many will still opt for the range and low price of the Model 3, not to mention the sportier driving dynamics.

It’s clear to me that these are two very different vehicles, but some may think they are the same from a superficial glance. I think the Model Y is a crossover between the Model 3 and Model X due to its height. It has the face of the Model 3 but the height of the Model X (nearly).

Most Tesla advocates know the difference between the Models 3 and Model Y, but the average consumer may not. When I first got involved with the Tesla community, I didn’t know which Tesla was which until I eventually grew familiar with them from personal experience and closely following the company. Anyone who isn’t a car junkie may fall for the “It’s the same car” lie. Hopefully this article and Alter Viggo’s tweets can help clear things up.


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