Delighted with the Impact of Solar, a Printing Company Goes Solar in Gurgaon Again with MYSUN. Will Save 7 to 15 Crores on Power Bills.

Solar in Gurgaon

“We are excited to have started reaping the benefits of solar energy and expect to significantly reduce our monthly electricity bills. With this well-engineered and premium quality solar system installed by MYSUN, we are sure to save more than Rs 7 crores over the next 25 years just on our electricity costs. And it makes us proud to make our contribution to a cleaner environment.” – Rajesh Chadha – Director, Update Prints.

The financial viability of solar has been tried, tested and experienced by businesses across the globe. And the above statement from MYSUN’s reputed client, Mr Rajesh Chadha – the business owner of a leading Label Printing company in Gurgaon, reinstates this belief. Going solar benefited the company to improve its profits and it is no surprise that they have opted to go solar again, enhancing the overall capacity and therefore savings.

Let’s evaluate the scenario once again.

Power Requirement & Expenses of the Company Before Going Solar

Being in the business of large scale label printing, electricity expenses make for a sizable expense for the organization. Most of the company’s daily power requirement was fulfilled by drawing electricity from the grid. The average monthly units consumed by the company stood somewhere around 41,884 units, for which, the company incurred expenses of around INR 3 Lakh every month and close to INR 36 lakhs a year.

After Solar – Big Savings with MYSUN

The company decided to install a 231 kWp solar plant custom-designed by MYSUN to cater to the specific power requirements of the company in the premise of saving Lakhs. Post commissioning of the plant, the company was able to bring its power bill down from an average of INR 3 Lakh per month to about INR 2 Lakh per month. The decision to invest in solar, aided with MYSUN’s immaculate engineering and diligent service, paid off for the company, as they saved around INR 10~12 Lakhs during the first year of its solar journey.
Savings on Monthly Power Bills After Installing the First Solar System

Saving on Monthly Bills

After Solar – The Company Installs its Second Rooftop Solar System

Solar Project in Gurgaon

Having experienced the financial viability of solar first hand, the management of the company decided to enhance its solar capacity by installing a second solar system of 119 kWp size. With this addition, the company has now increased its solar saving potential from approx. INR 1 lakh per month to approx INR 1.55 lakh per month. Thanks to the expanded solar capacity, the company is now eyeing at saving around 15 crores in the next 25 years of its solar journey.

Savings on Monthly Power Bills After Installing the Second Solar System

Solar in Gurgaon

Solarize your Business and Save Crores Just like Rajesh Chadha in Gurgaon

The results from solarizing, as presented by the above case-study, shows the savings potential of hundreds of commercial and industrial enterprises based out of Gurgaon, Manesar, Panipat, Sonipat, Karnal, and other industrial hubs in Haryana. In fact, why just Haryana, throughout India. Going solar today is a strategic investment decision for businesses around the country, and is a risk-free option which fulfils businesses’ indispensable need for power with an assured Return on Investment.

MYSUN, India’s largest online rooftop solar platform, is proud to be able to partner with MSMEs and SMSEs across the nation to facilitate their solar transition with a range of holistic solar solutions such as Solar Engineering and Designing, Solar Installation, Operation and Maintenance and Solar Financing.