Corporates & SMEs in Chandigarh Can Go Solar with MYSUN and Save Millions

Solar in Chandigarh

Success stories of savings from solar, like this one in Times of India are becoming more common day by day as large scale Corporates, Industries and Institutes become aware of the immense potential. To be able to save Lakhs of Rupees every year and then inject it back into the business for growth is a dream of every business owner.

The best part is, going solar will help you consistently save for a period of next 25 years. With a little maintenance regularly performed, your solar system will be a cash cow on your rooftop as you make use of space, that was lying idle. Geographically, India is perfectly placed to receive 300+ sunny days helping improve the yield. Chandigarh, the capital city of Punjab and Haryana has fantastic solar potential aided by some very positive solar policies.

How will Businesses in Chandigarh Profit with Solar?

Chandigarh is a hub of both small and large scale businesses. They tend to have a high monthly power requirement. To fulfil this requirement with sole dependence on the electricity grid, they pay Lakhs every month. However going solar can help businesses save a huge fraction of this money in fact, sometimes as much as 80% of the expenses on power every month as shown by numerous solar projects commissioned by MYSUN in India.

Chandigarh has a thriving economy and also a tremendous solar generation potential. As aforementioned, with more than 300 sunny days that the city experiences, going solar is an undoubtedly financially rewarding decision for businesses of all sizes and scope; be it from the IT, manufacturing, electronics, pharmaceuticals, machine tools or plastic industry of the city.

How much will your Business Save with Solar in Chandigarh and How?

When you solarize your business, the power generated through the solar system becomes the primary source of power for your business. Therefore, during the day when your solar system generates enough electricity to fulfil your business’s power requirements, your business saves the electricity tariffs that it would pay to the DISCOM, i.e around INR 7.5 – the approximate electricity tariff for the commercial and industrial category in Chandigarh. If your solar system is connected to the grid, any excess energy generated by the solar system can be transferred to the grid, via Net Metering, against the solar tariff which is at around INR 3.6 for Commercial and Industrial category in the city.

With this process, your business can reduce a major portion of its monthly electricity bill. You can get a quick estimation of your solar savings by running the MYSUN Solar Calculator.

Estimated Solar Savings of an Industry in Chandigarh with 10 Lakh Monthly Power bill

Solar Calculator

How can you Go Solar in Chandigarh with MYSUN? The Benefits You can avail.

MYSUN is the largest online rooftop solar platform in India and has made the solar journey easy for hundreds of MSMEs and SMEs across the country. With MYSUN’s end to end solar solutions ranging from Solar System Designing, Solar System Installation, Solar Financing and Solar System Service and Maintenance; businesses get answers to all their solar needs under one roof. Moreover, with the plethora of information about solar available on MYSUN’s online platform, such as Solar FAQs, Solar Blog, and Solar Policies, businesses have an opportunity to research in-depth and make an informed decision, before going solar.

To install a solar system with MYSUN in Chandigarh, get in touch with our solar advisors by calling us on +91 8448380218 or writing to us at [email protected]. Our solar advisors will guide you through your solar journey seamlessly.