Cluno, A German Car Subscription Service, Has Electric Cars — A Bunch of Them


Published on February 2nd, 2020 | by Johnna Crider

February 2nd, 2020 by  

Cluno is a German company that helps its customers drive in a cost-effective manner. It’s marketed toward those who would rent a car often but don’t want to own one. It includes several different electric vehicle models in its lineup.

Cluno is all about helping people who don’t like going through the hassle and uncertainty of buying or selling a car. I had a friend who would often rent a car just to get around because she didn’t want to outright purchase a car. Rentals can be really expensive, so having an option in which you can rent a car on a monthly basis (almost like an apartment but for driving) would be great for those who don’t want to own or lease a car, but also want something more than an occasional car rental.

Cluno has six electric vehicles for you to choose from. The lowest-priced option is the Renault ZOE 50 Experience at €449 per month. The Tesla Model 3, Long Range AWD is the most expensive option at €1,299 per month. The other four EVs are the Opel Corsa-e-Edition Elektro, Nissan LEAF 40 N-Connecta, MINI Cooper SE Electric, and BMWi3s 120Ah. You can see pricing below.


If you wanted to rent the Tesla, you would probably have to wait 3–4 months — which shows that even for rental options, Teslas are in high demand.

Rental options that provide a monthly subscription process is a great idea for those who would love to try a new vehicle for a month or two without actually having to buy it.

Most people rent cars when they are traveling, especially in a city they don’t normally live in. However, for those who often have issues with credit and getting a good vehicle due to their limited finances, subscription services (especially if insurance is included, could fill a big gap). 

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