Clenergy passes DUNS Registered Supplier Capability Evaluation for manufacturing

Clenergy Plant

Solar mounting and racking manufacturer Clenergy passed the Dun & Bradstreet DUNS Registered Supplier Capability Evaluation (Manufacturing), rated at 5A1. The D&B DUNS Number (which stands for data universal number system) is a unique nine-digit identifier for businesses that is used in dozens of countries around the world, including the U.S., Australia, and the European Union.

What’s the point of this? Well, the business credit file associated with a DUNS Number can help potential partners and lenders learn more about the business and make informed decisions about whether or not to use them as a client, supplier or partner.

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Assessments are conducted in four dimensions, including Organization, Production Capacity, Quality Control and Delivery Capacity, based on the information collected through telephone interviews and the onsite visit conducted by the third party accreditation company.

DUNS number Clenergy

Clenergy attributes their positive evaluation to these three factors:

Production Capacity. As a global publicly listed solar mounting company, Clenergy adheres to the business development model of “Global Market, Local Service, and Global Supply Chain”. Clenergy has over 500 staff in offices worldwide, with more than 60 design and technical support engineers globally. Thus far, Clenergy has established two major manufacturing bases in Xiamen and Tianjin, with an annual manufacturing capacity of 3 GW.

Quality Control. Clenergy performs inspections throughout every stage of the manufacturing process based on various internationally accredited standards as well as its internal standards, from the initial raw materials used through to the finished product. To date, its products have passed the certification of various professional bodies, ranging from TUV in Germany, CQC in China to CE in the EU.

Delivery Capacity. The industrial area at Xiamen Headquarters alone occupies 35,315 sqm. Currently, Clenergy is equipped with over 60 sets of production devices, with about 10 production lines. There are approximately 350 production workers at the Xiamen manufacturing base. Clenergy has seen 10 GW of worldwide installations with its mounting products since 2007, with approximately 1.6 GW of new installations just in 2019.

How do I check this number? Input the company name ‘Clenergy’ or try the the D-U-N-S number 525616419 into the search box here.

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